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Wed, October 4, 2023 | 09:43
LA targets Korean 'birth tourists'
For certain privileged Korean moms-to-be, their baby’s first gifts aren’t toys, rattles or clothes. It’s U.S. citizenship.
`Seoul should stick to Washington'
With China growing in strength, some say that it is time for Korea to shift away from the United States, and get closer to the Middle Kingdom.
'US crucial for Dokdo defense'
NEW YORK ― With new leaders in both South Korea and Japan, the chronic territorial dispute over the Dokdo Islets is about to enter a fresh round. Now it’s up to the incoming Park Geun-hye administration to quickly and strategically engage the U.S. to get the upper hand on the diplomatically sensitive issue, says a prominent Dokdo expert.
Chill out, Korea!
It’s a new year, a time of ambitious goals and higher expectations. People say we should set our sights high, the higher the better. But is being overly ambitious a shortcut to failure? This random thought came to me while driving through downtown Seoul the other day.
Park to bolster Korea-US alliance
South Korea’s first female president Park Geun-hye will meet a bolder, second-term U.S. President Barack Obama, so what’s next for the long-standing relationship between Seoul and Washington?
2nd Amendment needs changing
The morning I heard of the gun shooting in Newtown, Conn., I experienced a split second of sharp panic. The site of the massacre, less than an hour away from where I live, wasn’t some random place I didn’t know. It was all too relatable and familiar, giving me a wakeup call that this really can happen to anyone ― and I’m no exception.
Korean voters in US do collective nail-biting
NEW YORK - Wednesday nights election showdown was nail-biting for Koreans in the U.S. just as much it was for their families and friends back in their motherland.
'The day American heroism died'
Back in the early 90s, many of us spent lazy Saturday afternoons watching ``Rescue 911,’’ an American reality-based show that reenacted emergency situations based on true 911 calls. The series, which aired for several years on MBC, showed just how quick and common it was for your next door neighbor, corner grocery store owner and even a perfect stranger can turn into a sudden...
Koreans' strange love of chicken
My old neighborhood in Yongsan, Seoul, is famous for quaint patisseries, specialty coffee shops and authentic, hole-in-the-wall Japanese bistros. Oddly enough, a modest diner that sells good old casual Korean food is a rarity on this narrow strip that likes things lush.
My patriotism about high fashion
Not much has changed since my last visit to Seoul. But then again, it’s only been six months so what would I expect? Just when things started becoming all too typical, there it was ― the much-hyped, newly revamped underground bus terminal mall that I had completely forgotten about.