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Tue, December 5, 2023 | 03:59
To crib or not to crib
I finally put an end to one of the biggest dilemmas for expecting parents - to crib or not to crib.
First lady or first celebrity?
NEW YORK ― So finally her bangs made the front cover of Vogue. Showing off her toned arms in a sleeveless, cobalt blue Reed Krakoff dress, U.S. first lady Michelle Obama graces the fashion bible’s April cover with her new hairdo.
Feeling the baby's movements
When it comes to pregnancy, there are a bunch of questions that can really only be best answered with, “You’ll know when it happens.”
Lesson from Hathaway's unique approach to haters
NEW YORK ― I’m finding myself surprised these days as I continue to see how Anne Hathaway is getting brutally bashed for, well, being herself. When it comes to hating on celebrities, there’s usually at least one clear legitimate reason ― whether it’s a rumor or a fact ― behind the attack. But not for Hathaway. People just don’t like her.
In New York, Koreans remember March 1, 1919
NEW YORK - Its a typical day in Manhattans Central Park on Friday.
Pains and gains of having baby
Whoever came up with the name “morning sickness” must have never been pregnant, had it super easy, or was a man. I like to compare the queasy and nauseous feeling to getting off a 50-hour plane flight (which of course doesn’t exist) and heading straight on to another 10-hour rocky boat trip, all with a serious hangover. This is definitely not pleasant.
Nannies with six-figure paycheck
I recently discovered a new lucrative job that’s not in finance or banking. It’s being a full-time nanny in the U.S. Yes, you read correctly, a nanny.
Americans trust self-defense ability on N. Korean nukes
How are ordinary Americans reacting to an escalating nuclear threat from North Korea after a third nuclear test Tuesday that follows its Dec. 12 long-range rocket launch?
'Overseas Koreans impact our future'
NEW YORK ? Whenever people of Korean descent make it big overseas, the local media are usually quick to establish and promote connections to their Korean background.