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Tue, September 26, 2023 | 01:46
Americans say 'Shame on Yoon'
NEW YORK - News of former presidential spokesman Yoon Chang-jung’s alleged sexual assault in the United States is drawing criticism from the general American public, but many say this incident isn’t likely to bring ``international shame’’ to South Korea as many Korean politicians and media outlets are saying.
Beginning of third trimester
And so the final countdown begins. Time really does fly - even during pregnancy.
America - heaven for obese
NEW YORK - A few weeks ago, I went to an eyeglass store in town and noticed something other than glasses - chairs. They were typical commercial chairs as you see at random public places, but wider. Not wide enough to fit two people, but definitely too wide for one person with an average physique.
Michelle helps Korean wigmakers
NEW YORK _ Korean wig makers in America didn’t see this one coming. Of all the things that could help their thinning business, who would’ve known they’d get the biggest unexpected boost from none other than U.S. first lady Michelle Obama.
Tummy Talk- Entering the world of baby gear
I thought a play gym and a set of two bouncers would be enough for my twin girls. But then I discovered that the jumperoo, walker and swing are also must-haves.
NK spoils images for all Koreans
NEW YORK - Koreans who’ve been abroad have probably, at one on point or another, come across an odd situation where the statement ``I’m from Korea’’ immediately triggers the question ``North or South?’’
Fear of war up among US Koreans
NEW YORK - For Koreans in Korea, life goes on as usual, even as North Korea continues to crank up war tensions on the peninsula. Koreans in the United States have usually reacted likewise - but not this time around.
Tummy Talk: Under the spotlight, literally
I don’t know when it all began, but at one point, maternity photos somehow became a pregnancy must-do. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what maternity photos are, they are basically portraits of moms-to-be proudly presenting their round, bulging bellies in the most beautiful and almost sacred way possible.
Korean students see less merit in US schools
NEW YORK - Sleepless nights have become common for Lee Ji-young, who is counting down to getting her master’s degree from the State University of New York in less than two months.
Overly generous!?
NEW YORK - Last week, the talk of town among Korean parents in the United States. was all about getting free childcare money from the Korean government. Yes, free money. That is enough to get moms and dads on a budget to go wild over.