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Thu, September 28, 2023 | 11:21
Raising twins? Get used to repetition
All through my nine months of pregnancy, there’s one thing I often imagined and pictured in my head - the very first day of bringing home my newborn twins.
7 Korean Americans fight Google on Dokdo
NEW YORK - Koreans fumed when Internet giant Google wiped the name “Dokdo” from its map late last year. Months have passed since Google refused to budge, letting the impact of the news slowly lose steam. Then, a group of Koreans in California stepped up to the plate.
Can Korea take New York by fashion?
NEW YORK - Korean fashion was covered pretty often by the media here this month. Apparently, it did quite well at the Intermezzo Collections, one of the city’s major fashion trade shows.
Joys of bringing life
Finally the moment has come - the day of delivery.
Financial aid available for int'l students
L AKEVILLE, Conn. - When advising students, Korean study abroad experts say one thing about Hotchkiss: If you get accepted, go. No ifs, ands or buts.
Prepare proper pillow, shoes
We all have those "I wish I" moments in life. And of course, during pregnancy is no exception.
In search of ideal hospital care
A place that pregnant women all visit often, besides the bathroom, is the hospital. The visits become more frequent and thorough as the weeks progress. I first started out with a routine monthly checkup, but now at 34 weeks, a mandatory three-times-a-week visit is almost feeling like a full-time job.
SAT scandal taints Korean image
NEW YORK - In a country where plagiarism and academic fraud are common, the recent cancellations of high-stake Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SATs) in Korea will probably be forgotten sooner rather than later. But not by decision-makers at U.S. schools.
Tummy talk- 'Happy intrusion' creates new look
There was a time when I promised myself that no matter how many children I have, I'd keep my house looking baby free. I've always loved kids of all ages, but I don’t know, something about walking into a baby-ridden house isn't my ideal home environment.
Missy USA shows 'ajumma' can set things straight
It wasn’t the police, media or some high-ranking authority that broke the news of the latest sex scandal that instantly spiraled into an embarrassing saga for the new Park Geun-hye administration. It was a community of ``ajumma,’’ or middle-aged housewives, that first shed light on the incident.