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Mon, December 11, 2023 | 21:05
What's big deal about Canada Goose?
NEW YORK - If the word Chilliwack comes off as some kind of funky chili dish to you, you’re apparently outside the latest fashion loop. Right now, it’s one of the priciest and hottest winter jackets out there - among Koreans, that is.
Mom spot Starting solids - twins getting real food
So five months into motherhood, I’m at a point where I’m finally starting to feel a tiny bit confident as a mom. The girls have become more predictable, following a regular schedule throughout the day and sleeping better at night. And now I can actually decipher why they’re crying _ most of the time, that is.
Sleep training impossible for twins?
By Jane Han wrote precisely one week ago about how my sleep training regime for my twins is progressing so smoothly and speedily. I guess this came off as pretty impressive because I’ve even received several e-mails from frustrated parent readers who wanted more details on how things settled into place so quickly for my girls.
Dark world of sleep training begins
By Jane Han Whoever coined the phrase “sleeps like a baby” must have never had one because from my four short months of motherhood, I can say one thing for sure - sleeping is not easy for babies.
Shootings scare Koreans in US
NEW YORK - Mass shootings in the U.S. have almost become a matter of routine, but Korean residents here say a recent series of violent incidents has given them cause to wonder about safety in their everyday lives.
Korean 'prix fixe' special for New Yorkers
NEW YORK - When it comes to fancy schmancy “prix fixe” (fixed price) menus in New York, the option is usually simple: French or Italian. But Korean restaurants have challenged the city’s competitive restaurant scene with a Korean-style prix fixe special during this year’s inaugural Korean Restaurant Week NYC.
'China's yuan far from becoming global currency'
Just as the U.S. budget fiasco set off financial jitters around the world, China’s yuan is quickly rising in a bid to become the next currency leader. But the Chinese redback won’t be able to dethrone the dollar anytime soon, says a renowned economist.
Miraculous first 100 days
You know how people say time flies? Well, the past three months have given that saying a whole new meaning to me.
Shopping tips for to-be moms and dads
To-be moms and dads: Overwhelmed with your never-ending baby shopping list?
Hello baby, good-bye sleep
There is one human activity that I've seriously underrated throughout my 31 years of life - sleep.