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Tue, October 3, 2023 | 23:43
Korean food truck banned over racy name
NEW YORK - When Candie Yoder named her Korean food truck back in November, she had no idea it would ruffle so many feathers. But with a name like ``CockAsian,’’ it’s no wonder.
'Japan lobbied hard over East Sea bill in Virginia'
NEW YORK - After a lot of drama and surprising episodes, the controversial East Sea bill finally passed Virginia’s House of Delegates. It’s a victory worth celebrating, but last-minute snags demonstrate just how persistent and strategic Japan is over the issue, say people involved with the bill.
`Korean to be first Asian US president'
NEW YORK - It wasn’t long ago that Koreans barely had a voice in American politics. Now, they’re quickly emerging as one of the most influential among Asian politicians, so much so that one notable legislator says the first U.S. president of Asian descent will be Korean.
Sleep crawling - an unexpected milestone
Oh, how time flies. When I first started writing this column almost eight months ago, I would easily type away while my infant twins would just lie still, content with simply staring at the ceiling, wiggling their tiny toes or just plain old sleeping.
'No big fuss over East Sea bills, please'
NEW YORK - In the wake of a controversial bill passed in Virginia regarding how the East Sea is to be referenced on maps, similar efforts are being made across the U.S.
Korean couple take US uniform beefs to heart
NEW YORK - It’s been a week since the 2014 Winter Olympics kicked off and people are still talking about Team USA’s opening ceremony uniforms.
Some Americans annoyed by 'East Sea' bill
NEW YORK - After years of lobbying and hardcore campaigning by Korean-Americans, Virginia lawmakers finally passed a bill last week related to the naming of the body of water between Korea and Japan.
Twins in jetlag mayhem
After my most recent entry on flying with twins, I received several e-mails from parent-readers sympathizing with my tough trip and asking questions ahead of their much-dreaded, long-haul flights with babies.
Flying with six-month-old twins? Good luck!
Just until two weeks ago, I thought taking care of two babies at home was a pretty tough job. Well, not after being stuck in an airplane 35,000 feet in the air for 16 hours.
Six months: dealing with baby teething
As with many expectant moms out there, I read as many pregnancy and parenting books as I could before my twins were born. And so I was all too familiar with the process of teething, the symptoms, pain, drooling and the whole shebang before that first tooth finally popped out.