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Reporter : Shim Jae-yun
Thu, March 23, 2023 | 19:53
Calls for deregulation
The chiefs of major business lobby groups unanimously called for deregulation in their New Year messages. They voiced anxiety over a package of bills that passed the National Assembly, saying they would undermine business activities and have an adverse effect on companies' investment and employment decisions.
Myanmar: The saint who lost her way
Almost completely obscured by the blanket global coverage of the U.S. election, they are having one in Myanmar too. The outcome is even more a foregone conclusion, although in this case it will confirm the existing government in power. But it is only by condoning a great crime that democracy there survives.
Korea's ill-fated presidents
In May, I had the chance to attend a dinner with the then-presidential secretary of civil affairs, Kim Jo-won, along with several senior journalists. Touching on his prime concern at Cheong Wa Dae, Kim, now retired, said he had always been paying heed to ensure President Moon Jae-in would be able to retire from the presidency safely and enjoy his remaining life comfortably.
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Trump fails to deliver COVID-19 strategy
Rather than devise a bold and aggressive plan for combating the coronavirus pandemic, the Trump administration is surrendering. Eight months into the pandemic, a lack of leadership from the White House is continuing to endanger Americans while providing little hope that the end is near.
Politics stinks when stink bugs are an escape
I'd rather focus on stink bugs.
How Israel failed COVID-19 test
TEL AVIV ― When the Jewish new year began late last month, Israel was enduring its second nationwide lockdown, after daily per capita COVID-19 infection and death rates reached some of the world's highest levels. How did a country with practically closed external borders, sophisticated technological and institutional capacities, a high-quality and efficient health-care system...
Justice in a hijacked state
WASHINGTON, DC ― The Central African Republic (CAR), a former French colony based on an exploitative divide-and-rule system, is a textbook example of how a state can be captured, repurposed, and organized for looting, largely to the benefit of outsiders. In a country that has known only impunity, where the state is a murderous machine of plunder, is justice possible?
I held my nose and voted for Trump
There was no excuse whatsoever for my having failed to vote in the 2008, 2012 and 2016 presidential elections. The United States is a participatory democracy, and expats only have to take a few simple steps in order to cast a ballot. Thrice I did not, but it would be different in 2020.
Sanctions on North Korea ― Overused but underutilized
No one likes sanctions. They restrict trade, violate human rights, complicate humanitarian relief, and often do not work. Yet sanctions are used with increasing frequency in international relations to change behavior, constrain actors, and send normative signals. While they are undoubtedly over-used as a policy tool, they are paradoxically underutilized as an instrument for strategic bargaining and negotiation.
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