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Tue, May 30, 2023 | 14:26
Let me tell a story about Tucker Carlson
I want to tell you a story about Tucker Carlson, the serial liar and useful Putin idiot who has now pulled off the hat trick of being fired by three media outlets: CNN (in 2005), MSNBC (in 2008), and Fox News (this week, without warning).
Elected leaders in Israel, Poland, and Hungary are following the 'autocrat's playbook'
A couple of weeks ago, as I moderated a discussion at the University of Pennsylvania's Perry World House on the heated battle to control Israel's courts, the talk turned to “the elected autocrat's playbook.”
'Sugar-coated poison pill'
The U.S. CHIPS and Science Act has triggered ferocious controversy here, placing major chip firms into a serious dilemma. The Biden administration cannot deflect criticism for demanding seemingly “unfeasible” requirements on the companies winning subsidies by investing in America. Media outlets in the U.S. and its allies such as South Korea and Taiwan are crying foul at the a...
Quantum mechanics, semiconductors and Buddhism
Quantum mechanics has emerged as a state-of-the-art trend in the scientific world. Thanks to steady yet brilliant developments in nanotechnology, this results in a phenomenal technology that can be directly applied to the real world. For starters, the technology encompasses the use of passwords, semiconductors, and sensors. It can be regarded as surpassing Einstein's theory o...
Muddled politics of US inflation
Rising inflation has put the United States on edge. While much of the focus so far has rightly been on the pain that price increases inflict on ordinary Americans, many are concerned about the long-term political effects. With polls suggesting that angry voters will likely hand Republicans control of one or both houses of Congress in the U.S. midterm elections, today's inflationary surge may affect U.S. politics long after price pressures ease.
NASA studying UFOs won't prove alien life exists. They should do it anyway
NASA announced last month that its new panel to study Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) ― i.e. Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) ― was staffed up and ready to get working. The panel is impressive, including planetary scientists, astrophysicists, experts from the Federal Aviation Administration, data scientists and a celebrated astronaut. I have worked with a few of these scientists, and the group represents a stellar collection (pun intended) of smart, creative people with high scientific integrity.
Nuanced political views among diverse Latino voters are overlooked
During a time that has brought the shock of the Uvalde mass shooting, restrictions on reproductive rights, and climate-related disasters, a large national poll of Latino voters found that their priorities have experienced a significant shift. For example, abortion is now among the top five issues for Latino voters for the first time ever. Worries about gun violence and crime, healthcare and abortion are rising dramatically. Jobs and the rising cost of living, as in the past, also remain priorities.
Ominous signs for Yoon
Zhuge Liang (181-234), a renowned Chinese statesman and military strategist, is also known for an episode involving his confidant, talented general Ma Su, whom he ordered to be beheaded on charges of disobeying military orders. In the face of Ma's death, Zhuge allegedly sobbed in grief, which means he purportedly, yet reluctantly, put his close associate to death for the sake...
Prolonged strike
Subcontracted workers of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) have been staging a sit-down strike for 44 days as of Friday. They are occupying a very large crude oil carrier now under construction in the world's biggest dockyard - Okpo Shipyard - in Geoje, South Gyeongsang Province. They are members of the Metal Workers' Union under the umbrella of the militant Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU).
Seven days in May ― saving America from within
“Seven Days in May,” the epic 1960s novel and a film starring Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas and Ava Gardner, was a fictional tale about right-wing Pentagon generals who tried to topple the U.S. government.
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