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Thu, February 22, 2024 | 14:15
Huh Jung-moo resigns from national team
South Korean football team coach Huh Jung-moo, who led the country to its first top 16 spot at a World Cup on foreign soil, announced Friday he would step down from the position after his term of two and a half years.
Model pledges naked march if Paraguay wins World Cup
Paraguay has made the year 2010 a memorable one by reaching its first ever World Cup quarterfinals. But the achievement might be overshadowed by a Paraguayan pin-up and lingerie model if the South American country's campaign goes further.
World Cup players slated to hit jackpot
The achievement of reaching the first knockout stage at a World Cup on foreign soil is not likely to end in a nominal honor for the Taeguk Warriors. They are now each facing a sizeable sum of money in bonuses from the local football governing body.
Taeguk Warriors come home
Korea's heroes are back. After reaching their first knockout stage at the World Cup on foreign soil, the national team returned home Tuesday from South Africa.
Next Korean football coach likely to be decided soon
With talks abounding as to who will succeed Huh Jung-moo, the decision on who will manage the Taeguk Warriors will be made early next month, the nation's football-governing
Korea exits World Cup gracefully
The 2002 spell-binding rally didn't repeat itself for South Korea who saw its World Cup campaign come to an end Saturday with a 2-1 loss to Uruguay, putting it out of the quarterfinals.
South Korea eliminated in round of 16
The miracle in 2002 was not repeated for South Korea. Its World Cup campaign came to an end in the first knockout stage with a 2-1 defeat to Uruguay Saturday at Nelson Mandela Stadium in Port Elizabeth.
Knockout bracket raises Korea’s World Cup hopes
Back in the 2002 World Cup, South Korea came through some tough encounters before its miraculous campaign came to an end in the semifinals. This year, in contrast, expectations are mounting that it could repeat that run with fewer obstacles along the way.
Taeguk Warriors to meet old nemesis Uruguay
To make it to the quarterfinals, South Korea will have to get past a tough battle against Uruguay on Saturday's bout in Port Elizabeth. And past encounters show the match will not be a comfortable one.
South Korea makes history in World Cup
South Korea's World Cup history traces back to 1954, when the country suffered humiliating 9-0 and 7-0 losses to Hungary and Turkey, respectively. It took nearly 50 years of waiting until the Taeguk Warriors wrote a new chapter by reaching the semifinals in the 2002 tournament at home.
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