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Sun, October 24, 2021 | 04:49
[INTERVIEW] Bek Hyun-jin: artist, actor and musician
The film actor playing the memorable role of an incompetent company executive who earned his position via nepotism in “Samjin Company English Class” (2020); the lead vocalist of the avant-garde pop duo, “Uhuhboo Project” and “Bahngbek;” the performance artist and painter who was selected as one of the finalists for the prestigious 2017 Korea Artist Prize at the National Museu...
Korea's largest int'l art fair to kick off in fall before partnering with Frieze
KIAF Art Seoul, the largest international art fair here since 2002, will be held at COEX in southern Seoul and also online this fall before launching a partnership with the prominent global fair Frieze starting next year.
Exhibitions explore idea of 'sustainable museum'
After opening its doors to the public early last month, the Museum of Contemporary Art Busan (MOCA Busan) is holding an exhibition called, "Sustainable Museum: Art and Environment," which addresses head-on the complex relationship between staging art exhibitions and the unseen environmental impact of such events.
Revisiting Treasure Island: Aboriginal artist challenges Euro-centric narratives in Australia
The 1883 adventure novel, “Treasure Island,” the 1928 Great Barrier Reef expedition in Australia and the 1962 film, “Mutiny on the Bounty.” What do these seemingly disparate fictional works and historical events have in common? For Sydney-based artist Daniel Boyd, these elements represent the Euro-centric and imperialist ideals that have shaped dominant historical discourses ...
Invisible, ever-changing life force 'qi' captured in Lee Kang-so's paintings
To the 78-year-old contemporary master Lee Kang-so, the world is not immutable and self-explanatory, but is rather ever-shifting and pulsating, with visible as well as invisible forces at work. This alternative perspective of our surroundings is masterfully depicted in his free-spirited brushstrokes that the artist says is the visualization of “qi,” or life force and flow of ...
Korea's auction houses gear up for major modern art sales amid rising public interest
Amid the recent boom in local art fairs and the surge in public interest in art auctions - fueled partially by the news of late Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee's massive art donation - Korea's key auction houses are gearing up for the last major art sales of the first half of the year, next week.
Book review: Community, collaboration between poets, artists forged during dark colonial times
The fact that the golden age of Korea's modern literature and art occurred during the early 20th century may seem like an ironic twist to many. How was it that the bleak times of Japanese colonial rule formed the backdrop to a cultural flourishing of lively, communal interactions among artists and poets?
Actor-turned-artist Park Ki-woong to hold second exhibition
Since his debut as an artist three months ago, actor Park Ki-woong will hold his second weeklong solo exhibition, “Ki. Park - Re:+,” his agency Mountain Movement Management announced Monday.
Korean traditional lacquer painting reborn as canvases encrusted with jewelry
Jewelry design is often characterized as a form of wearable art. When they're not decoratively worn or displayed in a highly secure setting, the gemstones are usually tucked inside a safe, away from the gaze of viewers and the risk of theft. For Chae Rimm, whose career as a jewelry designer had been continuously on the rise since 2000, this hiddenness became a point of frustr...
Luxury department stores introduce art to attract customers
With e-commerce markets flourishing at an unprecedented level amid the COVID-19 pandemic and continued social distancing, more offline branches of luxury department stores are turning to exhibitions featuring celebrated artists as well as immersive digital pieces to appeal to a new sector of art-loving customers.
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