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Fri, October 22, 2021 | 09:42
Music you can see, smell and touch
Stepping into the Hyundai Seoul Alt. 1 gallery in Seoul's Yeongdeungpo District, visitors are met with a neon-lit arch, while an electronic melody inches closer and closer until it completely surrounds them.
From parasols to non-functional benches
When naming some of the recent successful cases of public design in Korea, one popular answer would be the large, green parasols located at crosswalks throughout the country. Seocho District first installed the sunshade to protect pedestrians waiting for the green light under scorching heat in the summer of 2015. The design soon became popular and now, more than 5,600 of them...
Hangeul handbook 'Hunminjeongeum' to be sold as limited edition NFT
Copies of a priceless manuscript detailing the origins and workings of the Korean writing system, “Hangeul” will be sold as limited edition NFTs (non-fungible tokens), making this the first National Treasure of Korea to be put up for sale as a digital token. But the sale could stir up controversy over whether or not it should be allowed.
[INTERVIEW] How tattooist-painter's brush with death shaped his creation
For the artist Oh Si-young, the earliest memory of death came at the age of six. One day, during a visit to the workplace of his father, a professor of anatomy, he was briefly left alone in a medical lab filled with human skeletons. Minutes felt like hours. He still remembers the feeling of horror rushing through his tiny body.
Late Samsung chairman's art trove finally ready to meet public
Ever since the news of the late Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee's unprecedentedly massive art trove being donated to state-run museums swept the country back in April, the public has been waiting with great anticipation to see firsthand the masterpieces that cover a wide array of eras and genres.
Urban art fair for millennials, Gen Z to kick off next week
Urban Break 2021, a Korean art fair featuring contemporary urban art, will kick off next week following a successful debut last November.
All sorts of Korean culture, from K-pop to media art, to be showcased in heart of Madrid
From K-pop to temple cuisine and new media art, a wide range of Korean cultural content will appear in the heart of Madrid, Spain, during its hottest summer months.
Shadowlike sculptures that sit between reality and illusion
A gray-haired man in striped pajamas stretches his arms in front of a window after a good night's sleep. It looks like the typical beginning to an uneventful day. But there's something striking, even eerie, about him that immediately grabs viewers' attention.
Former audit agency chief meets with main opposition lawmaker
Choe Jae-hyeong, former head of the Board of Audit and Inspection (BAI) and a potential presidential contender for the opposition, right, shakes hands with Rep. Kwon Young-se of the main opposition People Power Party (PPP), at a restaurant in Jung-gu, Seoul, Wednesday. At the meeting, the two discussed the possibility of Choe joining the PPP and declaring his bid for the pres...
Seoul city adopts discrimination-free design for public restrooms
Seoul Metropolitan Government and the affiliated Seoul Universal Design Center (Seoul UDC) have selected the restrooms at three community service centers in Guro-dong, Sinjung-dong and Mangwon-dong for remodeling as part of the city's efforts to bring inclusive design to urban civic spaces.
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