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Sun, October 24, 2021 | 06:12
Andy Warhol's rarely seen self-portraits arrive in Korea
Andy Warhol was a figure whose name always seemed to be followed by an endless list of iconic modifiers ― Pop Art legend, the Pygmalion of the contemporary world, as well as a screen printing artist who brought to life rows of vibrant Campbell's soup cans and movie star Marilyn Monroe's beaming face.
[INTERVIEW] Feminist, queer shaman reads fortunes to challenge prejudices
When one speaks of a “mudang,” or Korean shaman, what immediately come to mind are a dizzying array of colors and the sounds of swinging bells. Wearing a flamboyant hanbok costume and makeup, the stereotypical mudang portrayed in the media sits in an equally colorful temple reading the fortunes of embattled souls, who often break down in tears or gasp at the clairvoyant's pie...
MMCA publishes 'Korean Art 1900-2020' as overview of country's art history
The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA) has released a new publication called “Korean Art 1900-2020” that sheds light on the country's modern and present-day art scene spanning 120 years.
Early Joseon-era Buddhist scripture in Hangeul unveiled among Lee Kun-hee's donations
Marking Hangeul Day on Oct. 9, the National Museum of Korea (NMK) unveiled Thursday the original manuscript of the first Buddhist scripture printed in the Korean alphabet, Hangeul - which belongs to the massive treasure trove of art donated by late Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee.
Korea Art Week 2021 to serve as window of escape through art
Korea Art Week, the country's largest art event, held with the collaboration of over 300 galleries, museums, biennales and fairs nationwide, will return next week for its seventh edition. This year's event, run by the culture ministry's Korea Arts Management Service from Oct. 7 to 17, aims to provide a brief window of escape for the public amid the COVID-19 pandemic, through ...
Seoul Int'l Writers' Festival to kick off next week
The 10th Seoul International Writers' Festival, a global platform for fruitful literary exchanges between Korean and international authors and readers since its inception in 2006, will be held in a hybrid online-offline format starting next week.
Dansaekhwa master's ceaseless endeavor to reach selflessness in painting
It was one casual trip to Mount Bandai in Fukushima, Japan, during the colorful autumn of 2000, that became one of the defining turning points in life for the 89-year-old trailblazer of Korean modern abstract art, Park Seo-bo.
Installation artist traces dreams of modern housing in Asia
Kampong Phluk in Cambodia is best known for its floating villages, where endless rows of stilt houses are built in the middle of the Tonle Sap, the largest lake in Southeast Asia, to accommodate changes in the water level between the region's dry and wet seasons. Some of the area's 3,000 residents include ethnic Vietnamese who arrived in the country during the 1863-1953 Frenc...
Traditional Korean landscapes encrusted with Swarovski crystals on view in New York
Korean traditional landscape paintings that feature panoramic scenes sprung from both reality and artists' imaginations - mountains punctuated by thick forests, soaring cliffs and water roaring down deep ravines - have carved out a central spot in the centuries of Korean art history.
Libraries as repositories of human culture and history, captured in photos
To photographer Lim Young-kyun, libraries have long been more than just repositories of books. In fact, these buildings have left their mark in history as a symbolic archive and birthplace of humanity's collective intellectual achievements.
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