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Fri, December 1, 2023 | 12:14
Team Korea, it's not so bad a start
It’s not fully satisfying, but not a bad start. A first victory by keeping the lead to the end would have been best, but the 1-1 draw against Russia was good enough to give Korea - both players and the nation - confidence. After the morale-sapping defeats in their last two warm-up matches, Koreans had turned pessimistic about their team in the World Cup in Brazil. But the Tae...
Ryu cools off Rockies to secure 8th win
Los Angeles Dodgers’ pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin successfully shut out the Colorado Rockies, one of the hottest offensive teams in Major League Baseball, Tuesday (KST), securing his eighth win this season.
Pick your game
The world's biggest sporting event will feature 48 games in the first round through June 27 (KST), starting with the kickoff match between Brazil and Croatia on Friday.
Don't miss our coverage from Brazil
The Korea Times will have three contributing writers in Brazil ready to cover the biggest football festival, as well as the Korean national team’s campaign.
Coach pledges to improve defense
Korea head coach Hong Myung-bo said Tuesday that the two early goals his men allowed to Ghana were "too huge to recover from" and finally led the team to a crushing 0-4 defeat.
Ready to set new records
As the slugfest trend continues this season in Korean baseball, attention is now placed on whether the league will see new historic records in batting.
Brazilian reporter sings World Cup blues
With only days before the start of the World Cup, Brazil is still divided over the wisdom of hosting the quadrennial event, a Brazilian journalist said.
Slugfest continues in KBO
“Slugfest” has been an oft-used word to describe Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) games this season. Pitchers have been battered, giving up so many hits and runs that there have been double-digit scores in 58 games of the 219 games played.
Ryu's landmark moment
Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin secured a sixth win this season in a match up against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Dodger Stadium, Sunday (KST).
Fans hope for fewer missed calls
How many runs your team will record is important in winning a game; but how many incorrect calls made by umpires seems to be much more critical now. Complaints have been growing over a series of controversial calls by umpires, many of which were obvious.
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