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Fri, October 22, 2021 | 09:41
NPS goes for its own model of investment
National Pension Service (NPS) is challenging this seemingly impossible mission of high return and low risk.
Closer ROK-US ties put Korean companies in lurch in Libya, Iran
Unexpected and unintended consequences are arising from the renewed alliance between Seoul and Washington such as the penalizing of Korean firms by some Islamic nations.
Local banks rush to raise lending rates
Local banks have rushed to raise interest rates on loans, including credit-based lending and mortgages, spawning fears that many overleveraged borrowers are going to go belly up due to snowballing interest burden.
Overleveraged borrowers on edge of bankruptcy
Rising rates, sluggish markets combine to become deadly cocktail Everyone knew that the banks' record-low interest rate wouldn't last for ever. But not everyone realized that the normalization of the rate could become deadly, when it is combined with a slumping housing market.
Seoul to tighten ID check on foreign online shoppers
The Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) has ordered banks and credit card firms to tighten ID checks on foreign credit card users when they shop online.
GS Caltex sets philanthropic standards
GS Caltex is one of the few firms that has not lost sight of the importance of human interaction when it comes to successful CSR campaigns for the poor and underprivileged. While its fund is sufficiently substantial ― it promises to spend more than 10 billion won ($8.3 million) each year in CSR activities until 2015 ― its human contribution plays an even bigger part in almost...
Korea 11th in OECD on default risk
Korea’s risk of defaulting has been reduced by two thirds over the past 12 months and its economy is deemed healthier than those of the so-called PIGS nations in Southern Europe, data showed on Thursday.
Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Nomura rapped
The Korea Exchange issued warnings to Merrill Lynch, Citigroup and Nomura for mishandling the trading of equity-based derivatives products, based on its quarterly audit results.
Shared Growth picked as G20 Seoul slogan
“Shared Growth Beyond Crisis” has been selected as the official slogan of the G20 Seoul Summit to be held on Nov. 11 and 12.
Working-age population increase boosts job figures
The number of those employed in Korea has exceeded 24 million for the first time, government statistics indicated on Monday.
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