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Fri, October 22, 2021 | 10:00
G20 agenda analysis 1: Framework for growth
Seoul Summit will specify each nation’s monetary, fiscal direction.
Korea to go after Iran but not as hard as US wants
South Korea finds itself forced to make a choice between two equally competing priorities over Iran. At the moment, it looks to be a matter of time before it goes after the branch of an Iranian bank in Seoul.
Agflation fears may bring another rate hike
The recent jump in the prices of food, energy and other commodities is raising the odds of the central bank’s raising its base interest rate once again this week.
G20 saves finance minister from cabinet reshuffle
November’s G20 summit has spared Yoon Jeung-hyun’s life as the longest serving finance minister since the days of military leadership.
‘Big Mac’ index adds optimism of stronger won
The latest version of the witty ‘burgernomic’ analysis has raised expectations that the won-dollar exchange rate has more room to go down.
Get your act together, G20!
When the chips are down, people will set aside their differences and rally together. But what about when things are going well? The answer is that they revert to their old ways of pressing on with their agenda.
Korean firms fret about joining US against Iran
Given the close Korea-U.S. military and economic relationship, the choice is obvious. “We don’t think we will be engaging in any more contracts in Iran,” a Daelim official said Tuesday.
Inside his notebook - keywords for Seoul Summit
No time for empty talk on world peace. No time for monologues with political ambitions. “Let’s put it simple, straight, and do what we have to do,” Korean president Lee Myung-bak, may remind other participants when he hosts the roundtable meeting.
NK sanctions still have teeth
An already complicated equation of how the latest round of sanctions will affect North Korea has been made even more complex, following the U.S. announcement that “executive authorities” will influence the future course of action.
Woori sales to speed up M&A big bang
The sale of the governent’s shares of Woori Financial group will reignite the debate regarding the banking sector restructuring, with various mergers and acquisitions scenarios surfacing once more.
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