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Fri, October 29, 2021 | 03:33
G20 agenda analysis 2: IMF reform
Europe’s old powers fighting against Asia’s young rich
Seoul to start talks with US, Iran over sanctions
Korea will start negotiating with the United States and Iran face-to-face, to try and decide whether to join with international sanctions against Iran, officials said Friday.
Media asked not to report on Iran affairs
The Ministry of Finance and Strategy has repeatedly asked journalists to refrain from speculative reporting in connection with measures being considered against Iran as part of a U.S.-led effort to sanction Tehran over its alleged nuclear proliferation.
Power game sprouts in Seoul over G20 summit
Power games between economy-related agencies are becoming more apparent, casting doubts on whether Korea can handle the heavy financial reform agenda at the G20 Seoul Summit.
Korea merits bigger say in IMF, World Bank
South Korea is one of the most underrepresented nations in international financial institutions, compared to its economic size.
Finance ministry, BOK differ on agflation
The central bank and the finance ministry have made different analyses on the rising global commodities prices and its possible impact on the economy.
Buyers respond enthusiastically to iPhone 4 debut
Some 120,000 Koreans struggled on jammed internet servers to place orders for the iPhone4 on its first day of sale.
LG Household take over Pasteur Milk
LG Household & Healthcare has agreed to buy Pasteur Milk in an effort to strengthen its drinks business, a source said on Monday. The acquisition of Pasteur, a premium dairy producer, from Korea Yakult is the latest move by the LG group subsidiary to advance into a food and healthcare giant.
Korean firms shrug off strong yen
Koreans have developed immunity to a strong yen.
Rock’n’roll spirit fuels energetic negotiator
You don’t often see government officials in the finance ministry wear a plastic sports watch to work, but Lee Jun-kyu doesn’t care about officialdom.
LG Pra.L