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Wed, October 20, 2021 | 18:09
G20 agenda analysis 3: Basel III banking reform
The changes will be so huge that the banking industry after Seoul Summit will be very different from now.
Single dads need help, says a report
A statistical analysis cast light on the shadow of social and growth policies, showing there is a growing number of people who do not benefit from traditional approach of state welfare policy.
IMF decision raises hopes for G20 summit in Seoul
A decision to expand a credit line program by the International Monetary Fund raised hope in Seoul that November’s G20 summit will be able to bring tangible results on the reform of the global financial system.
Views split over Koreas success
Religion? No. Dictatorship? No. Park Chung-hee, then? Yes, probably, but not so sure.
Foreigners influence growing in domestic bond transactions
Foreign investors’ influence is fast increasing in the Korean bond market this year in a similar fashion to when they began to hold sway over the equity market a decade ago, research shows.
Korea’s Iran sanctions may end up at symbolic level
South Korea may follow the U.S. lead and take action on Iran but its severity will likely end up as symbolic rather than substantive, officials here say.
Birthrate continues slide
The number of births fell for the second consecutive year in 2009, closing on the record-low level.
Korea stepping up G20 preparations
The warm-ups are about to start for the G20 Seoul Summit next week when the deputies of finance ministers gather in Gwangju for an open discussion.
LG nixes shirt sponsorship for Fulham Football Club
LG Electronics has decided not to extend its sponsorship for Fulham Football Club, opting to boost its footprint in Formula One racing and cricket.
KT, BT boost smart work cooperation
KT is planning to strengthen its partnership with U.K.-based British Telecom (BT) to boost “telework” _ a smart working system market
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