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Sun, October 24, 2021 | 05:04
Korea ranks 22nd in global competitiveness
Korea slipped by three places to 22nd among 139 nations in the 2010 economic competitiveness rankings of the World Economic Forum.
Suicides double in 10 years to worlds highest
The number of suicides has doubled over the past 10 years with the figure surging 19 percent between 2008 and 2009, according to a government report.
Basel III will not affect Korean banks
The higher requirements for the capital base of banks under Basel III proposition will not affect Korean banks, a government official in charge of the issue said Wednesday.
Sanctions program to push Korean builders out of Iran
The government’s sanctions program on Iran will practically ban construction and engineering firms from winning orders in the country, while oil importing firms will be enjoying special treatment.
Korea closer to Dana takeover
Park Young-june, the newly appointed vice minister of knowledge economy, said Tuesday that the national state oil company is on its way to complete a hostile takeover of Dana Petroleum, a British oil company.
South Korea best in fiscal soundness among OECD
The International Monetary Fund and Korea’s state research agency have reported that the South Korean government’s debt position is one of the most sustainable among OECD nations.
Banks are too complacent on Basel III
The chief of the global banking reform initiative warned that the world’s banks should not take the new banking supervision rules too lightly, ahead of a critical meeting next week.
Lee calls for Chuseok price stabilization
Despite Lee’s rhetoric that stressed the “livelihood of low-income citizens,” the actual policies announced on the same morning jointly by officials of six ministries were rather mundane.
Korean bankers demand leniency on global regulations
Two of Korea’s major financial groups called for leniency on banks in emerging countries in the global discussion of adopting stricter regulations at the G20 meetings.
[G20] Interview: financial sector reform thorniest issue
“Sow in the good times, reap in the bad times” is Kim Yong-beom's unofficial slogan for the financial reforms of the G20 Seoul Summit.
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