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Thu, October 5, 2023 | 11:21
Moody’s praises Korea’s recovery trajectory
When Thomas Byrne was told that the person passing behind him was Arnold Schwarzenegger, he didn’t even try to turn his face. It seemed that the Moody’s man does not have any interest in the movie star-turned governor of California, a state with falling credit ratings.
Korea offers to double aid to Africa
The Korean government welcomed 45 ministers and vice ministers from 35 African nations to Seoul, and offered them more opportunities to form closer relationships with Korea in economic and social development.
Financial regulator seeks to punish Shinhan execs
The chief financial regulator hinted Wednesday that he will seek ways to punish those involved in the internal feud at Shinhan Financial Group, a move seen as a signal that the government will intervene in the dispute.
S. Korea to become 8th largest exporter
Korea is expected to record the fifth highest economic growth this year among G20 nations, and will become the eighth largest exporter in the world, reports showed Tuesday.
Korean IBs call for all-out deregulation
A wave of regulatory changes facing Wall Street investment banks (IBs) is a golden opportunity for their Korean counterparts, leading figures in the IB industry concurred at a conference held Tuesday.
Korea pushing ahead with Daewoo sale to Iran
Korean creditors of Daewoo Electronics say that the sale deal with Iranian group Entekhab, will go ahead irrespective of sanctions imposed on Iran.
Korea most dependent on trade in OECD
South Korea ranked the highest among OECD member for in its dependence on international trade.
S. Korea expects no Iranian retaliation
Strategy and Finance Minister Yoon Jeung-hyun says that he is not expecting Iran to retaliate against Korea for economic sanctions imposed against the Middle Eastern state, which were announced last week.
Yoon says pass on PM job
Strategy and Finance Minister Yoon Jeung-hyun wants to devote himself to preparing for G20 summit.
Fewer colleges pivotal to higher employment
Over 80 percent of high school graduates currently continue their study at universities and colleges ― second highest in OECD.