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Sat, December 9, 2023 | 01:11
Economic impact of NK attack limited
Heads of economy-related ministries held emergency meetings on Tuesday evening as financial markets showed signs of turbulence following an artillery exchange between the two Koreas.
Korea owes half of growth to China exports
Korea’s economic dependence on China has grown so fast that more than half of its economic growth since 2008 is attributable to the increase in exports to Beijing, a report from a government think tank showed Tuesday.
Impoverished North Korea facing aging society
North Korea is facing the problems associated with an aging society, although its pace is slower than that of South Korea.
Questions raised on Hyundai Groups funding plan
Insiders vehemently opposed Hyundai Group’s buying of Hyundai Engineering & Construction, as suspicion of the Group’s ability to fund the 5.51-trillion won ($4.9 trillion) acquisition abounded.
Bond taxation unlikely to stem capital inflow
Foreigners have continued to rake in local bonds, particularly short-term state bonds issued by the Korean government, raising fears that the local financial market could be shaken when unexpected shocks hit the nation from abroad.
Tax reintroduced on foreigners bond purchases
The government decided to scrap the special tax exemption on foreign investment in government bonds, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance said Thursday.
US should be grateful for ban on old cattle imports
Government officials expressed confidence in the fine-tuning of a free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States and said that an accord will eventually be reached, though the process could take more time than expected.
Tax cut initiative to reveal MB’s true colors
The debate inside Cheong Wae Dae and the Grand National Party (GNP) shows an identity crisis is going on with President Lee Myung-bak
Seoul mulls capital flow controls
The government is looking at three measures to control volatile capital flow in and out of the country.
Proposing 4% rule was Seouls fatal mistake for G20
“Bulldozer” was the nickname President Lee Myung-bak earned for his forward-charging style of management and can-do attitude. But if the G20 Seoul Summit he hosted last weekend has to be labeled as a failure, it was not due to a lack of energy or strategy, but more likely an excess of them.