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Sat, December 9, 2023 | 02:00
FMD feared to stoke inflationary pressure
The foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreak is feared to be generating inflationary pressures here as the highly-contagious epidemic has raged fiercely across the country of late to cause the destruction of many animals.
Fresh food prices grow fastest in 16 years
Prices of fresh food, including meat, vegetable and fish, posted the biggest rise in 2010 in 16 years, due to hostile weather conditions, leading consumer prices to grow 2.9 percent annually, according to the Statistics Korea Friday.
Kim’s comeback signals stronger bureaucratic control
“The state governs, therefore it exists,” is the most famous line from Kim Seok-dong, the new chairman of Financial Services Commission (FSC).
Kumho promotes Parks son
Kumho Group said Thursday that 59 executives were being promoted, including Park Se-chang, the eldest son of Chairman Park Sam-koo.
Rising jeonse, household debt weighing on ordinary people
Hallyu actor Bae Yong-joon knew the benefit of the ``jeonse’’ system, but even he is now disappointed.
Chinaflation worries poised to hit Korea
Growth and inflation in China are increasingly affecting the world economy, and the Korean government is to allocate more resources to prevent Beijing’s economic conditions from undermining Seoul’s policies.
President’ men lead Korea’s resources strategy
With the appearance of Rep. Lee Sang-deuk from the governing Grand National Party arriving at Incheon International Airport, one can safely assume that another mine or oil rig in some African or South American country is soon going to be purchased by South Korea.
Seoul to seek more FTAs next year
South Korea will seek to clinch more free trade agreements (FTAs) with emerging countries, including those from South America and Africa, in a bid to boost trade, the main engine behind the country’s rapid economic growth.
Seoul to lower FX derivatives cap of local banks
The government will tighten the foreign exchange (FX) derivative positions of both foreign and domestic banks by 20 percent early next year, a report said on Sunday.
Hyundai Group threatens to sue KEB
Hyundai Group Friday threatened to take “all possible legal action” against Korea Exchange Bank (KEB), one of three key creditors, which are moving to nullify the conglomerate’s status of preferred negotiator in the first round of bidding for Hyundai Engineering and Construction (HE&C).