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Wed, March 29, 2023 | 19:58
Total lunar eclipse witnessed
Stargazers were able to watch the spectacular sight of a total lunar eclipse overnight in Gangwon Province and some other eastern coastal areas.
Corrupt female prosecutor arrested
A former female prosecutor was arrested Wednesday on charges of receiving a luxury designer bag from a law firm and using its corporate car in exchange for peddling her influence to get favorable court rulings.
SK’s Chey quizzed over embezzlement
SK Group's Vice Chairman Chey Jae-won, 48, turned himself in to the prosecution Thursday to be questioned over allegations that he embezzled nearly 100 billion won ($89 million).
Conviction of MC Mong upheld at high court
A Seoul court upheld a suspended jail term for singer MC Mong, 32, for deliberately delaying enlistment.
FAU Busan Campus attracts graduate students
FAU Busan Campus, the first German university in Korea, held an introductory session to attract graduate students last Friday on its campus in the nation’s largest port city.
Qatar Airways offering free tickets
Qatar Airways, one of a handful of “five-star” airlines in the world, is offering a lottery for free round-trip tickets to travelers who book tickets by Dec. 15.
Rat painter conviction upheld by top court
The Supreme Court upheld the conviction of a university lecturer charged with defacing G20 Seoul Summit promotion posters with images of rats. It finalized the 2 million won fine.
Malicious online commentator fined
A Seoul district court ordered a man, 47, to pay a 2 million won fine for posting unconfirmed malicious rumors about TV personality Lee Kyung-sil on the Internet.
Middle schoolers accused of usury
Police have launched an investigation into allegations that some middle school students, acting like “loan sharks,” blackmailed and assaulted their fellow student.
Vandal critical of Obama wanted
Police are in hunt for whoever sprayed graffiti condemning U.S. President Barack Obama on the wall of the U.S. Embassy building in central Seoul.
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