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Sat, March 25, 2023 | 11:03
Asiana Airlines to launch Incheon, Atalanta cargo route
Asiana Airlines will launch a new cargo route next week linking Incheon to Atlanta, with the new service available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
Politics of Twitter
“Rain is falling and mother is getting married,” was tweeted by Kim Tae-ho just hours after the former prime minister-nominee offered to step down over corruption allegations at parliamentary confirmation hearings.
DNA database decodes 47 unsolved cases
The National Police Agency said Friday that it has been able to track down criminals in 47 unsolved cases thanks to DNA samples taken from convicts under a new law that went into effect a month ago.
Man kills fishmonger for making noise
A man in his 30s killed a street vender in broad daylight at a residential area in a fit of anger because of the blaring noise from the fishmonger’s loud speaker, police said Friday.
Seoul education chief vows to innovate schools
Korean students have been driven into a competition to study higher grade courses in advance at private cram schools or hagwon.
Teacher found guilty for corporal punishment
A district court ruled that hitting a student on the head once and two times on the palm with a wooden rod bigger than authorized constitutes assault.
Bus companies post record losses in 2009
Bus companies operating in Seoul recorded the largest combined losses last year due to frozen fares and rises in fuel prices, forcing the city government to provide them with bigger subsidies.
Spare the rod
We were often beaten by our teachers in the old days. The most horrible and humiliating corporal punishment we received was the slap in the face. Some teachers were very “considerate” of us. Before slapping us in the face, they always warned us: “Grit your teeth tightly” (so that the impact would not break our teeth).
Another alleged police torture case surfaces
The nation’s human rights agency said Friday it is scrutinizing two alleged cases of torture by police on criminal suspects.
One summer night at downtown hotel
If you dread all the trouble involved with traveling to beaches or other bustling tourist attractions during summer vacation, what about opting to enjoy a serene, leisurely holiday at a decent hotel in downtown Seoul?
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