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Sun, October 24, 2021 | 04:54
Samsung heirs take out massive loans to pay inheritance tax
The widow and children of late Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Kun-hee took out massive loans to pay the first portion of a 12 trillion won ($10.8 billion) inheritance tax, according to industry sources and media reports, Friday. The family plans to pay the tax in six installments over the next five years, the first of which is due April 30.
W400 bil. losses incurred from Austin fab shutdown: Samsung
Samsung Electronics said Thursday that it incurred 400 billion won ($360 million) in losses from the temporary shutdown of its fabrication plant (fab) in Austin, Texas, earlier this year due to freezing weather conditions and power outages there.
Samsung heirs to donate half of Lee Kun-hee's legacy
Heirs of the late Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee will pay more than 12 trillion won ($10.7 billion) in inheritance taxes, while separately donating one trillion won to support the fight against COVID-19 and research into rare child diseases, the group announced Wednesday. The Lee family, including his wife and three children, also decided to donate around 23,000 works fro...
Samsung says carmakers cannot internalize entire battery technology
Carmakers will need to continue working with battery suppliers for electric vehicles (EV), Samsung SDI said Tuesday, given the “explosive” demand for EV batteries and the time it takes to secure technology and production capacity at a suitably large scale.
LG CNS's new biz as managed cloud service provider
Models promote LG CNS's new integrated cloud management service CloudXper ProOps in this photo provided by the company. The IT service provider said it was launching the new business as a managed service provider, which covers cloud infrastructure, applied systems, security and expert services. Courtesy of LG CNS
Novavax CEO to discuss vaccine supply with Moon
Novavax CEO Stanley Erck is set to meet with President Moon Jae-in Tuesday, to discuss the supply of the U.S. biotech firm's COVID-19 vaccines here. Top executives of the U.S. biotech firm Novavax arrived in Korea on Monday to check on its vaccine production and discuss related issues with its contract manufacturer SK Bioscience and the government.
Partnership on digital business
Executives of LG Uplus and Hana Financial Group pose after signing an agreement at the mobile carrier's headquarters in central Seoul, Friday, to cooperate in the development of digital-based products and services. From left are Hana Card Executive Director Lee Suk, Hana Card Senior Managing Director Kim Sung-joo, LG Uplus Senior Managing Director Im Kyung-hoon and LG Uplus V...
Will Samsung seek to acquire NXP Semiconductors?
Market observers are paying close attention to whether Samsung Electronics will purchase NXP Semiconductors, as reports continue about the possibility of the Dutch chip manufacturer finding a new owner. The possible acquisition is in focus due to the latest global shortage of automotive chips, which has forced global carmakers, such as GM and Ford, to shut down plants tempora...
Yuhan-Kimberly engaging consumers by stepping up social responsibility
Personal care manufacturer Yuhan-Kimberly is stepping up efforts to engage customers by continuing to be a socially responsible company.
IBM Korea boosts hiring as HQ shifts biz to cloud, AI
IBM Korea said Wednesday that it will hire up to 100 new people to work in the new business areas of cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) as it seeks to transition into a cloud platform and cognitive solutions company.
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