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Reporter : Kim Bo-eun
Wed, October 20, 2021 | 19:31
Growth of SKT, KT shares hinges on foreign investor quota
The prices of telecom shares have risen in the past several months due to a renewed interest in value stocks amid a looming rate hike by the U.S. Federal Reserve. But a further rise in the prices of such shares will depend on foreign investors, who wield considerable influence on the prices of local stocks due to their buying power.
Samsung mass produces new multi-chip package
Samsung Electronics said Tuesday that it has begun mass producing the industry's best-performing multi-chip package, which will be used in mid- to high-end smartphones scheduled to hit major markets later this month.
Samsung gearing up to popularize foldable phones
Samsung Electronics is set to release a series of new foldable phones in the coming months, at a time when the tech giant is seeking to popularize these premium models, as part of its strategy to maintain competitiveness in the market while facing challenges by Chinese rivals.
Micron challenges rivals in memory chip market
Three major players continue to maintain an oligopoly over the global memory chip market, but Micron Technology's latest claims are challenging Samsung Electronics and SK hynix which have reigned supreme so far.
SKT decides to split stock 5-for-1
SK Telecom (SKT) decided Thursday it would split its shares five-for-one, along with a horizontal spinoff. The decision by the country's top mobile carrier is interpreted as a means to address possible complaints from investors as well as boost its stock price in the long term.
LG Display envisions future with premium display
LG Display's exhibition hall at Magok LG Science Park in western Seoul offers visitors a glimpse of what's possible in near future, where premium display panels are incorporated in most spheres of life, including in the bedroom, at restaurants and on the subway. Various types of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels made by LG, which include transparent to bendable ones,...
[Reporter's Notebook] What is LG Uplus' future growth engine?
Korea's major telecom firms are scrambling to find their next growth engines as they seek to reduce their reliance on their traditional business amid market saturation. But LG Uplus has remained quiet compared to its competitors SK Telecom (SKT) and KT, which have unveiled ambitious investments and plans for new businesses in recent years.
LG CNS offers AI-powered language programs to Seoul students
LG CNS is set to offer artificial intelligence (AI) powered language learning programs to students in Seoul in partnership with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE). Under the partnership, about 800,000 elementary, middle and high school students will be able to study English with the programs both in regular classes and through extracurricular activities.
Samsung, SK consider establishing new battery joint ventures
Samsung SDI and SK Innovation (SKI) are considering establishing additional joint ventures with their clients in Europe in a move to provide stable supply sources for electric vehicle (EV) batteries and maintain optimal profit margins, according to multiple industry sources, Monday. The move by the Korean firms is in line with an ongoing strategic realignment in the global ba...
Samsung develops stretchable display for wearable healthcare devices
Samsung Electronics has developed stretchable organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display that can be attached to human skin by changing its shape, the company announced Sunday. It said the elastic technology can be used for wearable devices that can monitor and display a person's heartbeat as well as other biometric data in real-time.
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