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Tue, March 28, 2023 | 17:45
'Park spent 90 minutes hair styling when 315 students were trapped in sinking ferry'
President Park Geun-hye spent 90 minutes getting her hair styled by a popular hairdresser at her residence at Cheong Wa Dae while the Sewol ferry was sinking on April 16, 2014, the local daily Hankyoreh reported Tuesday.
Sixth mass protest to target undecided lawmakers over impeachment
The sixth mass protest against President Park Geun-hye on Saturday is expected to include a rally on Yeouido, home of the National Assembly, to express the people’s anger against politicians.
'Coffee is my life'
While many enjoy a cup of coffee for their daily dose of caffeine, it is more than that for Seu Pil-hoon, 40, CEO of Coffee Libre, a coffeehouse that offers top-quality specialty coffees.
Scandal-ridden professors pressured to resign
Pressure is mounting for professors who returned to the teaching profession after quitting high-ranking government positions to resign because of their suspected involvement in the influence-peddling scandal involving President Park Geun-hye and her confidant Choi Soon-sil.
Schools aim at fostering global mindset
Having more foreign students and sending more Korean students overseas will not be enough for local universities to achieve their dream of cultivating global talent.
Relativity key for brands to obtain competitive edge
Companies can create a competitive edge by positioning themselves in relation to their competitors, Chris Baumann, an associate professor at Macquarie University in Australia, said.
Celebrated Korean poems (2)
The way rivers all flow into the sea is not the only reason I've been weeping all day long up on the hill.
Ex-presidential doctor unaware of Viagra purchase
President Park Geun-hye’s former doctor said Saturday that he wasn’t involved in Cheong Wa Dae’s purchase of the anti-impotence drug Viagra, and knew nothing about it.
Celebrated Korean poems (1)
On the path before my house every day I meet a pebble that once was kicked by my passing toe.
Globalization key mission for Myongji University
Myongji University is expanding support for foreign students in an effort to attract more.
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