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Tue, March 21, 2023 | 23:37
Celebrated Korean poems (10)
In the glass something glimmers, cold and sad. As I feebly stand there, my breath clouding it, the roads are fluttering frozen wings. Rub at it, rub at it though I may, black night surges away, then back, collides, sodden stars sparkle, set like gems. Rubbing glass alone by night is a lonely, rapturous contemplation, with the tender veins ruptured in your lungs. Ah, you have ...
Mass migration begins as Lunar New Year arrives
The mass exodus of people from Seoul and other major cities began Thursday afternoon in time for the Lunar New Year long weekend, clogging roads nationwide. About 31 million people, up by 4.5 percent from last year, are expected to travel during the holiday which will last until Monday, according to the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI). Koreans traditionally return to their h...
Ghent University Global Campus nurtures scientists with global mindset
Ghent University Global Campus (GUGC) will make greater efforts to nurture biotechnologists who will lead the country’s future, said Dilruk De Silva, vice president of the school.
Park followers file criminal charges against lawmaker, artist
A conservative civic group supporting President Park Geun-hye, called "Park Sa Mo," filed a complaint with the prosecution against Rep. Pyo Chang-won of the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) and artist Lee Ku-young for defaming the President. Park Sa Mo, literally meaning “people who love Park,” has expressed anger over a controversial painting portraying Presid...
Seoul to repair dilapidated hanok for free
Hanok, traditional Korean houses, in Seoul that are in urgent need of repairing will be able to be repaired at no cost, funded by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG).
Homosexuality missing from sex education
Controversy has risen over educating students about homosexuality at schools, following the education ministry’s refusal to include the topic in new guidelines for sex education. According to Yonhap News Agency, the Ministry of Education’s new guidelines and a teacher’s manual for sex education to be distributed in March will have no mention of homosexuality.
Safety of Koreans in Philippines in jeopardy
Security concerns are growing among Koreans in the Philippines, following a recent incident in which Filipino police officers allegedly kidnapped and killed a Korean businessman there. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Philippine authorities sent probe results showing that eight suspects abducted Ji Ick-joo, 53, to extort a ransom and then they strangled him. The suspects included three local police officers, one former policeman and the victim’s housekeeper. It was the first time police officers were found to be involved in a violent crime against a Korean resident.
Celebrated Korean poems (9)
If that day comes, when that day comes, Mount Samgak will rise and dance joyfully, the River Han’s waters will surge and seethe, and if only that day comes before my life’s end, like the crows flying in the night sky I will strike the curfew bell in Chong-no with my head, make it ring. Suppose my skull breaks into shattered fragments, what regret would remain, since I died fo...
NK refugees learn English to survive
“I desire to share ideas with other people in English while improving my English speaking,” said a 27-year-old college girl. “My goal is to overcome my fear of speaking in English under any circumstances and to keep up on current affairs.”
Infant drinks milk tainted with breast implant filler
The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said Friday it launched an investigation after a mother complained about breast implant filler found in her breast milk fed to a baby. According to the ministry, the mother, who underwent a cosmetic breast augmentation operation five years ago, requested an investigation recently. The mother’s identity is undisclosed.
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