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Fri, March 31, 2023 | 18:34
Anti-graft law causes confusion at schools
The anti-graft law, which went into effect on Sept. 28, has caused inconvenience and confusion among teachers, students and parents, despite its good intention of rooting out pervasive corruption in Korean society.
Asian business schools seek collaboration
Business schools in Asian countries are seeking ways to cooperate to advance their educational content to meet diversified industrial demands.
Education needs overhaul to nurture creativity
Education should put a greater focus on nurturing creativity by encouraging students to use their knowledge in solving real-life problems during class.
Artists to join anti-president rally
The art community will become the latest group to stand up to condemn President Park Geun-hye, who is in trouble after allegedly letting her friend dictate state affairs.
Scandal unveils Choi Soon-sil's 'boy toy'
The investigation by the prosecution on the influence-peddling scandal surrounding Choi Soon-sil, President Park Geun-hye’s confidant, shed light on Choi’s clandestine relationship with a host bar worker.
Jeong Ho-seung's poem (53)
One day as I dozed sitting idly at my desk I happened to glance at the bookcase holding poetry books: Im Yeong-jo’s “The Poet’s Hat,” Park Jeong-man’s “Sleeping Stone,” Jeong Chae-bong’s “Thinking of You Was My Whole Life,” Kim Nam-ju’s “My Sword My Blood,” Cheon Sang-Byeong’s “Back to Heaven,” Jo Tae-il’s “Freedom Says to a Poet,” Shin Hyeon-jeong “Foolish Desert” unexpected...
Studying and working simultaneously
Choi Myeong-jun, 18, is a high school senior whose dream is quite different from that of other students his age who study hard to gain admissions to top-notch universities.
Ex-convict arrested on charges of killing officer
An ex-convict, who had grudge against a real estate broker, was arrested Friday on charges of shooting a police officer to death in northern Seoul.
Jeong Ho-seung's poem (52)
One night as I feel my way through a braille poetry book beside my aged mother’s sleeping face, one sleepless night as I read a braille poetry book, aspiring to become someone praying with tears rather than someone clenching fists in rage, the stars descend and brightly read the poetry book with their fingers. Dangling from their fingers, the poems shed tears.
[student corner] Protect the non-protected
“But they’re both my children!” she explained to a South Korean official. “We’re very sorry, but according to regulations the latter one is not considered North Korean,” the official replied. “But they’re my children and I’m North Korean!”
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