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Sat, January 28, 2023 | 09:40
[CULTURE] New breed of female characters takes center stage in Korean dramas
The classic plot of a rich man falling in love with a poor girl was a popular theme in Korean dramas a decade ago. 돈 많은 남자가 가난한 여자와 사랑에 빠지는 전형적인 줄거리는 십 년 전 한국 드라마의 인기 소재였다.
[CULTURE] Entertainment industry races to buy rights to web novels, comics
Web-based comics, novels prove to be useful in franchising stories across platforms 웹 기반 만화 및 소설, 플랫폼 초월한 콘텐츠화에서 유용성 증명해
[NATIONAL] Koreans stunned by spike in heating costs
Planned gas, electricity rate hikes in Q2 to increase burden on households, businesses 2분기에 가스 및 전기 요금 추가 인상 예정, 가정 및 사업체 부담 늘 것으로 보여
[LIFESTYLE] Young shoppers flock to luxury goods
Millennials, Gen. Z lead buying trends, making Korea one of the biggest luxury markets in the world 소비 트렌드 이끄는 MZ 세대, 한국을 전세계 최대 명품 소비국으로 만들어
[NATIONAL] Coldest day of season grips nation
Seoul's temperature dips below minus 17 degrees Celsius with wind chill of minus 24 서울 최저기온 영하 17도, 체감온도 영하 24도로 떨어져
Western Australian premier to visit South Korea
Premier Mark McGowan will travel to South Korea and Japan to reaffirm the state’s long-standing relationships in North East Asia and promote opportunities for investment, tourism, study and business, according to the state government of Western Australia.
[DEAR ABBY] Woman overwhelmed by her friend's mental sickness
DEAR ABBY: Over the past two years, a friend I have felt very close to over the years has gone downhill. 애비 선생님께: 수년 간 아주 가깝다고 생각한 친구가 지난 2년 간 내리막길을 걷고 있습니다.
[LIFESTYLE] Women find solo travel fulfilling, safe
The expectations and roles of women have seen a global shift thanks to women's rights, education and birth control. 권리 신장, 교육 및 피임 덕분에 여성의 기대와 역할은 전 세계적으로 변했다.
[CULTURE] Looking for rabbits at Korean Buddhist temples
With yet another year behind us, we have another to look forward to filled with hopes, dreams and aspirations. 또 한 해를 뒤로 하고 우리는 희망, 꿈, 포부로 가득 찬 새로운 한 해를 고대하고 있다.
[WORLD] Yoon reveals hopes of another nuclear project with UAE
Korean president also advances cooperation in carbon neutrality 윤 대통령, 동반자 관계 탄소중립 분야까지 확대
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