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Tue, February 27, 2024 | 02:17
Tech startups spring up
Mobile application startups grew rapidly last year thanks to the widely available smartphone platform. Founders of companies such as Kakao Talk and Ticket Monster have opened doors for incubators and accelerators to nurture young entrepreneurs who are now thriving in the lean business environment, challenging the current risk-averse culture.
CSR revisited
As income polarization in Korea, stacked heavily in favor of the large corporate sector, has become increasingly acute after two unprecedented external financial shocks over the past 15 years, issues relating to corporate social responsibility (CSR) are frequently raised to embrace popular social demand for a welfare state.
Prepare for the unexpected
“A large global organization will typically have to invoke its business continuity or crisis response plans somewhere in the world once per week on average and every week throughout the year.”
Relations among Koreas and China
The trade relations between China and the two Koreas have been changing dramatically in recent years. It would be interesting to figure out how the changing trade relations would affect the future of the relation between South Korea and North Korea.
Happy third anniversary
June 2012 marks the third anniversary of the end of the Great Recession, the most severe of the 11 U.S. recessions since World War II _ although the 1981-82 recession was comparable. Conventional wisdom is that the strength of a recovery is related to the depth of the recession. That has not happened three years into the U.S. recovery.
Emerging no more?
Based on their spectacular performance,we have come to assume that the emerging economies will continue growing at a fast pace for many years to come, and that their expanding domestic markets would one day become growth engines for the entire global economy.
What euro crisis and China's sliding mean to Korea
Since the second half of last year, worsening global risk factors including the eurozone’s fiscal crisis had led to a severe slump in the Korean economy. With an unfavorable global environment such as this, sluggish exports combined with weak domestic consumption and investment brought 3.3 percent economic growth in the fourth quarter, which was surprisingly lower than expect...
Won: first mobile payment platform
Won Corp. provides a service called Smartpay, which acts like a mobile wallet from start to finish
'Korean dream' has a long way to go
Brain drain has long been issue for Korea because of the large numbers of students and professionals who move abroad.
Womenomics for growth
As South Korea’s growth outlook gets dimmer, as recently slashed by the OECD to 4 percent for 2013, the age-old issue of a gender gap in the workforce has regained attention as a hopeful area left for economic boost. The biggest room for improvement lies on the inclusion of both working moms and dads in the ever-lasting juggle between work and childcare, experts say.
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