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Reporter : Kwak Yeon-soo
Sat, December 9, 2023 | 03:36
[INTERVIEW] Mirinae Lee's '8 Lives of a Century-Old Trickster' offers fresh perspective on Korean history
HONG KONG - Mirinae Lee is one of only a few writers from Korea who publish their work in English rather than Korean. This choice isn’t about reaching a larger readership, but rather about the way the language works better as a literary device for her, explained Lee, the author of '8 Lives of a Century-Old Trickster.'
Why China is falling in love with Korean fiction
HONG KONG - To gauge the popularity of contemporary Korean literature in China today, one needs not look past Kim Cho-yeop’s 'If We Cannot Move at the Speed of Light' (2019).
Korean's beloved instant coffee mix finds its place on global stage
In the latest Disney+ hit series, 'Moving,' instant coffee has a recurring role, underlying character development and historical context.
[INTERVIEW] Chef Park Seung-hun rides wave of K-culture to elevate Korean cuisine in Hong Kong
HONG KONG - Hansik Goo, one of the top Korean fine dining restaurants in Hong Kong, introduces a seasonal journey through Korean cuisine in its autumn menu. The menu's centerpiece is Gaesal Jatjeuptang, created by the restaurant's soon-to-be head chef Park Seung-hun and founding chef Kang Min-goo. This standout dish is a harmonious blend of aromatic pine nut soup, wanja (meat...
Song Kang-ho shares his creative philosophy on Korean cinema in Hong Kong
HONG KONG - Cannes-winning actor Song Kang-ho’s approach to acting is pretty simple. His secret to his longstanding success is leading a monotonous lifestyle and emptying his mind.
Epik's AI yearbook feature goes viral, takes users back to 1990s
HONG KONG ― A wave of nostalgia has flooded social media feeds as people share what appear to be high school yearbook photos from the '90s. However, these aren't actual throwbacks but AI-generated creations, courtesy of a Korean app named Epik.
M+ deputy director discusses Seoul's potential to challenge Hong Kong as Asia's art hub
HONG KONG - As the second edition of Frieze Seoul art fair unfolded this September, a debate was reignited over Seoul's potential to rival Hong Kong as Asia's premier art hub, as well as Frieze Seoul replacing Art Basel Hong Kong, the largest art fair in Asia.
Tanghulu captures hearts of Korean millennials and Gen Z
For 12-year-old Choi Jun-hee, tanghulu, a Chinese candied fruit snack, is her latest guilty pleasure. “They’re sweet and colorful. The crackling sound with each bite makes it more enjoyable,” she said.
[INTERVIEW] Pianist Hyung-ki Joo credits immigrant parents for breaking musical boundaries
HONG KONG - Korean-British pianist Hyung-ki Joo - also known as one half of the zany comedy musical duo Igudesman & Joo with Russian-German violinist Aleksey Igudesman - credits his immigrant parents for his openness to all kinds of music.
[INTERVIEW] Xiqu Centre to bring Cantonese opera 'Farewell My Concubine' to Seoul
Cantonese opera is arguably one of the most popular art forms in Hong Kong. It is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary art form using vocals, instrumental music and dancing to tell a story.
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