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Sun, October 24, 2021 | 18:56
Robert Kelly family to appear on Korean TV show
Prof. Robert Kelly and his family members made thousands of people laugh around the world. When Kelly, a South Korean resident, was doing an interview with BBC News about former South Korean President Park Geun-hye on Mar. 10, his daughter Marion, 4, and son James, nine months, entered the room innocently, confounding their father being streamed live worldwide. Their mother K...
Animal activists protest over Gangwon Province funding dog-meat restaurants
Thirteen animal activists protested in front of Gangwon Province office building in Chuncheon on Thursday. They claimed the provincial office was funding dog-meat restaurants to change their signs and menus so they “do not look like selling dog meat” as the province prepares for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. In January, Gangwon Province announced that it would ask 40 ...
Coupang typo triggers online door-buster
Workers at e-commerce company Coupang had a rough Friday morning. Hundreds of online customers ordered a 32-inch Samsung monitor mistakenly priced with one missing zero. Some Netizens criticized people who ordered the monitor when the price was obviously a mistake.
[Provincial News] North Gyeongsang Province helps multicultural children
The North Gyeongsang Province Education Office said Wednesday it will run a mentoring program and an art program to help multicultural children achieve their dreams. The office said it had prepared the programs to encourage the children to feel more included in society and to support their careers. In the mentoring program, 261 students from eight universities in the province...
70% of Japanese positive of female king: survey
About 70 percent of Japanese citizens think princesses can fill the top royal job, according to the Mainichi Daily on Wednesday. The newspaper surveyed 1,011 people 18 or older from Apr. 22 to 23. More than half welcomed the idea of a woman reigning. Seventy-two percent of men supported it while 65 percent of women were in favor. Japanese citizens’ endorsement of a queen runs...
Woman wins 'free coffee for year' in lawsuit against Starbucks
A Seoul court on Wednesday ordered Starbucks Korea to give a woman the money to buy a coffee daily for a year after she sued the brand for a false announcement. Starbucks last December launched a competition to encourage people to share photos of their drinks online. The company promised a free cup of coffee every day for a year to 100 randomly selected winners.
Phone app helps taxi drivers communicate with foreign customers
The state tourism promotion agency has launched a campaign for its smartphone app developed to overcome the linguistic barrier between Korean taxi drivers and foreign customers. The Korea Tourism Association-developed application is named “Global Taxi Driver.” It can interpret Korean expressions frequently used between taxi drivers and customers in English, Chinese and Japane...
Lawmaker's 'no-look pass' has netizens boiling with anger [VIDEO]
Netizens are going wild about Rep. Kim Moo-sung’s “no-look pass” at Incheon International Airport this week. The images below show what it is all about. The brouhaha erupted after photos of Kim, a six-term lawmaker of the minor conservative Bareun Party, carelessly pushing his wheeled carrier toward his secretary at Incheon International Airport went viral. The photos were ta...
Koreans caught smuggling 2,348kg of gold in 'private parts'
Dozens of Korean citizens were caught smuggling 2,348 kilograms of gold hidden in their “private parts,” the Korea Customs Service (KCS) said on Tuesday. It was the nation’s biggest smuggling bust. Fifty-one people, including several housewives, were apprehended at Incheon International Airport early last month. The smuggling had been happening for about two years. Male smugg...
Korea's energy transition
This was a breakthrough presidential election for Korea. It was driven by the strongest public demand in modern Korean history, and the result is a testament to the power of people. Especially the young who clearly wish to participate in the shaping of the country's future and they have lots to say. This election was about more than replacing a corrupt government - it was abo...
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