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Wed, November 29, 2023 | 21:09
Korean companies worry about quadruple whammy
Korean companies worry about a quadruple whammy in the latter half of this year as threats are looming over the four major pillars of the economy _ exports, consumption, government spending and investment, analysts said Sunday.
Companies fear China's retaliation
Uneasiness continues over whether China may retaliate economically against South Korea’s recent decision to deploy a U.S. radar system capable of penetrating into Chinese territory.
MPK's tax hike plan seen as populism
Civic groups representing taxpayers said that a tax hike plan suggested by the Minjoo Party of Korea (MPK) was unfair and populist, targeting only well-paid employees while imposing relatively lower rates on high-income professionals.
IB plan smacks of financial hub dream
The government plan to nurture internationally competitive investment banks is drawing skepticism, as incentives for players are not attractive enough to encourage brokerage houses to merge, analysts said Wednesday.
Corruption widespread at credit ratings agencies
Corruption is widespread at the nation’s three credit ratings agencies as they accept financial resources from companies they evaluate, then suspend filing public notice of their negative ratings for more than one year, an opposition party lawmaker said Tuesday.
Investors expect more volume, higher volatility
Foreign investors expected the Seoul stock market to attract more investment and have better connectivity with its European counterparts after trading hours were extended by 30 minutes, Monday.
Banks turning to movies for cash
Banks are turning their eyes to movies, investing directly in blockbuster films, making loans for producers and arranging investments for filmmakers as part of their strategy to diversify revenue sources amid low interest rates, officials said Friday.
Hana launches AI-focused wrap account
Hana Financial Investment said Thursday that the firm introduced a wrap account investing in global companies leading the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, expecting them to grow more than 30 times in 10 years.
Song Joong-ki promotes HiteJinro beer
HiteJinro said Thursday that the brewery is strongly promoting its trademark pale lager brand Hite this summer, hiring actor Song Joong-ki for its TV commercials and hosting events at ballparks and college campuses.
US-style class action bill targets Volkswagen, Reckitt Benckiser
Rep. Park Young-sun of the Minjoo Party of Korea (MPK) submitted a U.S.-style class action bill, targeting German automaker Volkswagen for refusing to compensate local customers over its emissions cheating scandal, the four-term lawmaker said Wednesday.
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