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Tue, October 4, 2022 | 00:51
NK Leader: 'If threatened, we will bomb US directly'
Hwang Byung-suh, North Korea’s general director of politics and highest ranking military official, declared Sunday that the North is willing to wage nuclear war with the United States if his country’s autonomy is threatened.
Korean resident in US to visit North Korea to meet family
Bang Heung-gyu, 86, a Korean living in San Francisco, often reminisces about his older sister, who passed away in 2011.
VANK spreads Korean culture through postcards
The Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (VANK) plans to globally publicize Korea’s culture and history through postcards with images of Korea’s cultural heritages.
North Korea warns US of retaliation
North Korea’s National Defense Committee criticized the United States Monday for treating its recent missile launches and artillery training as “provocations.” The committee also accused the U.S. of promoting hostile relations and warned of retaliation.
Sri Lanka broadcast to air KOICA aid work
Korea’s official development assistance (ODA) activities are scheduled to be introduced through national television in Sri Lanka.
NK urges South to change policy
North Korea suggested Wednesday that the South Korean government should break from its “Cold War mentality” and boldly change its current hard-line policy toward the North.
Dokdo photography exhibition to be held
A Dokto photo of Kim Joong-manKim Joong-man will hold a Dokdo photography exhibition at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts from July 29 to Aug. 11.Over the course of two years, Kim has taken around 50 photos of almost every corner of Dokdo from various perspectives, exposing several fresh views of the island that have been seldom exposed to the general public. Admissio...
Military recruiting 2,000 KATUSAs
The Military Manpower Administration (MMA) announced on Monday that it will recruit 2,000 soldiers to enlist in the KATUSA program next year. The KATUSA program recruits Korean soldiers to be deployed to U.S. Army bases within Korea.
Switzerland to extend North Korean humanitarian aid
The Swiss government will continue aid to North Korea until the end of 2016, the Voice of America (VOA) reported on Friday.
NK to open all subway stations to foreigners
North Korea is seeking to open all of its subway stations in Pyongyang to foreign tourists. Radio Free Asia reported on Thursday that Pyongyang’s subway line No. 2 (Hyukshin Line) was opened to foreigners for the first time through the North Korean travel agency Young Pioneer Tours.