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Fri, December 1, 2023 | 15:51
Former national swimming chief elected as KOC president
Lee Ki-heung, the former president of the Korea Swimming Federation (KSF), was elected as new president of the Korea Olympic Committee (KOC), Wednesday. During the election at the Olympic Park in southern Seoul, Lee, 61, won 294 out of 892 votes cast, ahead of runner-up Chang Ho-sung, president of Dankook University, by 81 votes.
Somehow, we lost
I am an active member of LinkedIn with a large number of followers. I use LinkedInprimarily to release important business and economic news that is bypassed by main stream media.
Today is Tuesday, March 22, the 83rd day of 2016. There are 283 days left in the year.
Filibuster as political show
A relatively “difficult” English term, filibuster, has been the talk of the town for more than a week, both in terms of positive and negative aspects, as the opposition parties “introduced” it 43 years after it was abolished in 1973. Thirty nine lawmakers took the floor one after another for more than 170 hours for nine days from Feb. 23 to Wednesday, Mar. 2, to stall the Ant...
US is big winner in comfort women deal
When “unthinkable” events happen, they can change the course of history. The bilateral agreement reached by South Korea and Japan over “comfort women” on Dec. 28 was one such “unthinkable” event. South Korea had few incentives to resolve an issue that allowed it to exercise the moral authority of victimhood. And Japan was not shy about expressing frustration with its neighbor...
Forget FDR's 100 days; Republicans can do it in one day
Starting with Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933, it became a tradition to take the measure of a new president by sizing up his first 100 days in office. Today, perhaps reflecting our obsession with speed, the candidates for president are proposing a new timetable: one day. To hear the 2016 contenders talk about their plans for their first day in office, you have to wonder what'll be left for Day Two. You also have to wonder if they understand that Congress, and sometimes the courts, get to have a say.
Renewing the 'war on terror'
This week’s Asia edition of Time magazine features the cover line, “What It Takes to Forgive a Killer.” Thinking the editors had had time to do a cover on the massacres in Paris, I discovered cloying, patronizing interviews with friends and relatives of the nine African-Americans shot and killed at random on June 17 in Charleston, S.C., by a 21-year-old white racist. An edito...
Today is Wednesday, November 18, the 322nd day of 2015. There are 43 days left in the year.
What's your story, Korea?
When I wrote about Hell Joseon in my previous column, describing it as a collective psychopathology caused in large part by the prevailing Korean culture, I received more than the usual number of email responses. I was also very gratified and grateful to read comments on my Facebook page that engaged with the column in a very thoughtful and intellectual manner. I thought abou...
China's currency wisdom
The long march of the American campaign that ends in the crowning of our new president is well underway, as you have noticed. But I am not sure the great Chinese people should be allowed to watch.