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Wed, January 19, 2022 | 00:58
Stop giving us unnecessary drugs
Almost immediately after moving to Korea, I developed pretty unpleasant stomach problems, probably related to the stress of migrating to the other side of the world. Although it did not seem serious, it certainly wiped me out for a while.
Korea's strict asylum policies and unkind officials
I once flew in an Airbus A380. It's a big plane, so big that it actually has two decks; in fact, it's the largest passenger plane in the world.
Reform 'Suneung'
Last week saw Korea's yearly university admissions exam take place, accompanied as usual by an autumnal flurry of headlines. Given the world's current obsession with Korea, it's hardly a surprise that the test made international headlines. The test's English name is the College Scholastic Ability Test, or CSAT, but it is known more commonly as the “Suneung.” The news often hi...
Our obsession with unreal beauty
Somewhere to the right of this text there is a picture of me. It's publicly visible, but on the rare occasions that I go outside, I can stroll the streets, dodging the motorbikes and busses safe in the confidence that any beloved Korea Times reader who happens to pass me will almost certainly fail to recognize me.
Korean language is not degrading - it's evolving
Hangeul Day 2021 is, sadly, over. The last crumbs of the “batchim”-themed cakes have been swept away, the Hangeul board games are back in the cupboard gathering dust, the balloons in the shapes of “nieun” and “rieul” lie deflated in the corner. Yet, as this year's celebration of King Sejong's ingenious alphabet system fades into memory, we can't seem to escape from news and o...
The reality of adopting a kitten in Korea
Since our wedding, my wife and I have been thinking about getting a cat - by which I mean that I've been trying to convince my wife to let us get one. And last week, after over two years of careful consideration (pleading), we (my wife) finally decided that we were ready.
What does tolerance even mean?
We live, it seems, in divided times. I suppose we always have, but in the past few years the social ruptures have become noticeably deeper and more severe. So partisan and so divided are we today that people living on the same street or in the same town experience vastly different realities. Former U.S. President Barack Obama has spoken on this several times, reflecting that ...
Biden must take responsibility for catastrophe in Afghanistan
“You don't think this actually could have been handled better in any way? No mistakes?” asks the interviewer.
Despite all the problems, Tokyo Olympics bring hopes and inspirations
In the run-up to the Olympics this year, I was feeling pretty gloomy about the whole prospect, to the extent that I nearly wrote an article arguing that it should just be canceled. With the virus showing no real sign of disappearing even in countries with high vaccination rates, and with the announcement that no audiences would be allowed to watch the games, I felt that it wa...
Korea is safe country but its roads are not
The big bosses of the bus companies never actually ride the bus in Korea, not for their daily commute or for running errands or shopping. I have no evidence for this claim, but it has to be true, and therefore I repeat it boldly: they don't ride the bus. If they did, things would be very different.