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Wed, January 19, 2022 | 02:34
Weapons with pinpoint accuracy?
A new class of “targeted” drug therapies was once praised as a physicians’ dream come true – medicine that only attacks cancerous cells without causing collateral damage to healthy tissue.
Finding ways to overcome cultural differences
I'm single and have been living with a Korean man for the last 5 years.
Soothing seaweed soup with dried pollack ideal for cancer patients
If you are fed up with eating the same seaweed soup over and over again, consider putting in extra ingredients like bean sprout and parched rice for added variety. The mixture of savory pollack, crisp parched rice and refreshing bean sprout would surely whet even the most exhausted patients’ appetite.
Children deserve greater attention
I am a grandmother of a first grade primary school girl.
Are 'sugar free' drinks sugar free?
With the summer temperature reaching a record high level, nothing is more tempting than a can of soft drink in quenching one’s thirst. But increasing concerns on health led consumers to look for alternatives that are just as sweet as large sugary drinks but much lower in calories. Soda companies obliged to their customers’ demand and launched a variety of drinks with labels “...
The banks’ lost credibility
Banking is an essential activity in a market economy and it is one that rests on credibility.
'Hyundai Expressway'
You probably have never heard of the Hyundai Expressway.
Big steps, small footprints
The public is increasingly influenced by whether or not they perceive a company to be socially responsible.
Time bomb ticking
“Non-performing loans in project finance are a time bomb that could blow apart the country’s real estate market at any moment,” Financial Services Commission (FSC) Chairman Kim Seok-dong warned last year.
Economic democracy and its implications
One of the current hot issues in Korean politics and the press is “economic democracy.”
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