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Tue, March 21, 2023 | 14:33
Anti-fur fuss ― obvious, all too obvious
More than 70 of animal rights activities were chanting slogans and staging sensational anti-fur performances several hours before the opening of the glitzy Fendi show at the “Floating Island” at Han River, Thursday.
Street vendors heading downhill
Kim, 80, was sitting in his spot in a back alley of Jongno in central Seoul Wednesday with no customers showing any interest in the candies displayed on his stall.
Can Jeong Mong-ju bring glory back to Yongin?
Looking for a place where the past and the present, the East and West meet? Then, don’t hesitate to visit Yongin, Gyeonggi Province.
Groupon fails to dent Coupangs lead
When it comes to retail industry, South Korea is one of the toughest markets for foreign companies due to strong local players and unique characteristics of consumers, which is well manifested in world’s No. 1 retail giant Walmart’s failure in its attempt to become a major player here.
New force in global market
Sovereign wealth funds sit on $4 trillion war chest KIC outperforms its counterparts in investment returns during global crisis
MBA life: Yonsei Global MBA
Shim Sang-sun, third from right, 40, is in his second year of the Yonsei Global MBA program. The Global MBA was established in 1998. It is the first English-only MBA program in Korea, and nearly two thirds of its 2010 enrollment was non-Koreans.
MBA life: CEIBS, Shanghai
Denise Pu, center, 27, is in her first year of the MBA course at CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) in Shanghai. This year, CEIBS’ ranking on the Financial Times advanced five steps from last year to 17th in the world.
Interview: recipe for success
Today, many companies are trying their best to elevate their brand value but most seem to be lost on how to get it going as they fail to catch up with consumer trends. Large firms both at home and abroad are giving out their brand names to enjoy economies of scales with the mass production of standardized products.
Psy, Brule discuss K-pops failure in US
The language barrier is preventing Korean singers from breaking into the American market, claims Korean hip-hop artist PSY. And Tyler Brule, publisher and editor of Monocle magazine, would rather see Korean stars knock on the doors of Europe first.
Learn diversity from McDonald
Business leaders across the globe are trying to come up with strategies to deal with diversity, with their manpower becoming more diverse both in terms of culture and race in line with the rapid globalization of their organizations.