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Fri, May 20, 2022 | 10:18
Seo Taiji returns, and sweeps to the top
Seo Taiji’s new song “Sogyeokdong” has soared to the top of online music charts soon after it was released at midnight on Wednesday.
Councilman jailed for egg attack on mayor
A city councilor in Changwon who threw an egg at Mayor Ahn Sang-soo was arrested Tuesday and will stand trial.
How did a Korean-American win an NK honor?
A Korean-American man named Roh Kil-nam has reportedly won an award from North Korea for publishing a Pyongyang-friendly newspaper.
Fired ㅡ Jessica blasts management and band members
Girls’ Generation star Jessica has lashed out at the band’s management and fellow band members for forcing her to choose between the band and her fashion business.
Donald Trump duped into morbid retweet
American billionaire Donald Trump was upset after being tricked to tweet a photograph of serial killers Fred and Rose West.
'Kim Jong-nam surfaces in Paris'
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s eldest brother, Kim Jong-nam, has been spotted in Paris, the Dong-a Ilbo reported.
Jessica no longer in Girls' Generation
Girl’s Generation member Jessica has been dropped from the group, S.M. Entertainment confirmed Tuesday, citing internal conflict within the band.
Ello emerges as 'anti-Facebook'
A new social media network called Ello is rising as an alternative to Facebook because it apparently offers stronger privacy policies.
NASA finds perfectly-shaped ball on Mars
NASA’s Curiosity rover has discovered a round object - which looks like a perfectly-shaped ball - on Mars.
Woman hides on roof from intruder
A California woman was forced to hide under a window eave atop her house last week when an intruder broke into her home in Venice Beach.