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Fri, February 3, 2023 | 10:39
Israeli musician seeks better world through music
A turbaned man started singing in a soft yet husky voice with piano accompaniment at Hanbit Park, central Seoul, on a rainy Thursday evening. Many wet seats were empty at first, as a few passersby stopped to listen. But soon the square was filled with people listening to the unfamiliar but attractive melody on a chilly autumn night.
Defector rapper won't rest until unification
In many ways, Kang Chun-hyuk is a typical student. He dresses in a T-shirt and baseball cap, loves hip-hop and spends most of his time at Hongik University in western Seoul, where he majors in art.
Think twice about 'comfort food'
If you crave chocolates or other sweets when you are stressed out, it may be time to rethink your eating habits. According to a new study, so-called “comfort foods” don’t actually make us feel better.
Seattle mother of four accused of raping man
A 26-year-old Seattle woman has been accused of raping a 31-year-old man after sneaking into his house last year, police said.
Actor's cute triplets steal the show
Popular actor Song Il-gook has captured the attention of the public again - or at least his triplet sons have.
Isis demands different acronym
A woman with the same name as the acronym for the infamous terrorist group, the Islamic State (ISIS), recently expressed her discomfort with recent news coverage.
Black-bun burger makes debut in Japan
In Japan, Burger King will launch a new sandwich this fall, the Daily Mail reported. The new burgers aim to catch the attention of customers not by emphasizing its delicious taste, but instead its unique black-colored bun.
Gov't releases guidebook on workplace harassment
Have you ever commented about the way a co-workers looks, or made a joke about what that person does in the privacy of their own homes?
Teen mermaid a hit in UK
If you’ve ever dreamed of meeting a mermaid, you may want to buy a ticket to the United Kingdom.
Can't wait for Apple Watch? Try these alternatives
Apple unveiled its first smart watch, the Apple Watch, this week in California. While many were excited by the announcement, it appears some couldn’t wait to put an apple on their wrists.