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Sun, September 24, 2023 | 10:22
Citizens ready to hop in the Year of Rabbit
An eventful Year 2010 has passed away and 2011 has arrived up. According to the Sheng Xiao, better known in English as the Chinese zodiac, it is the Year of the Rabbit. Citizens are designing their plans wishing for better lives in the New Year. The Korea Times asked Korean citizens and foreign nationals about their new year’s resolutions and what they wish for most in 2011. ...
Japanese woman missing here
A Japanese woman, known as an avid fan of a top Korean actor and singer, has been missing for more than one year in Korea.
Provincial festivals sing FMD blues
The fast-spreading foot-and-mouth (FMD) disease has taken its toll not only on cattle farmers but also on organizers of various festivals in Gangwon and other provinces.
Professor Kim Byong-chul to head Korea University
Professor Kim Byoung-chul of the food science department has been named the 18th president of Korea University, Wednesday. He will take office next March for four years, succeeding Lee Ki-su.
NK defector illegally detained in mental hospital
A government resettlement center for North Korean defectors has been accused of having illegally detained a defector from the North and sending him to a mental hospital.
Free school meal conflict flares
Democratic Party (DP) members of the Seoul Metropolitan Council filed a lawsuit against Mayor Oh Se-hoon, accusing him of negligence for failing to implement a controversial ordinance on free school meals.
Disobedient students face class suspension
The education ministry is moving to keep unruly students from participating in classes for a certain period as an alternative to corporal punishment so teachers can regain authority in the classroom.
Human rights agency snubs surveillance case
The nation’s human rights agency has decided not to investigate the illegal surveillance of a citizen by the Prime Minister’s Office, drawing protest from civic groups and opposition political parties.
Police officer indicted for multiple crimes
A policeman has been indicted for trafficking drugs, receiving bribes and engaging in fraud and embezzlement.
Schools struggle with ban on spanking
Since September when the Seoul education authorities announced a plan to ban corporal punishment at primary and secondary schools, verbal abuses by students against their teachers have made headlines.
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