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Thu, December 9, 2021 | 20:34
Save Jeju, save peace
Jeju Island is one of the best places for mainland Koreans to get away from their stifling routine. Climbing Mt. Halla, watching the sunrise on Seongsan Peak or walking along the meandering “olle” alleys in every neighborhood, you get your lost peace back. Ironically, however, peace seems remote for the islanders struggling to stop the construction of a naval base in the coastal village of Gangjeong.
Sung Kim, the American
Informed readers may heave a sigh of disapproval as soon as they see my headline, but there is a justifiable reason to reiterate this simple truth. Do I assume that my readers don’t know Sung Kim is the U.S. ambassador-designate to Korea who just finished a confirmation hearing at the U.S. Senate? No. I am well aware that my readers know the fact.
Bad nation, bad friend
Soldiers are frequent victims of tragedy in the nation even without outside invasion.
(159) When bridges fall
When bridges fall, the loss is more than physical. When the ``Bridge of National Defense” collapses, you feel a sense of shame and doom. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising that the nation’s mass media let out warning cries in unison last Saturday, the 61st anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War that devastated the peninsula for three years until a truce that continues thr...
Fate of newspapers
April ended with a marriage ceremony and May began with a killing or death as far as newspaper reports were concerned. The front pages of Korean dailies, like their fellow publications overseas, were splashed with photos of British Prince William and Kate Middleton during their ``wedding of the century” on April 30. Owing to their efforts, Koreans could see his upper lip pres...
If I were the President
I can’t neglect the citrons and leave them wither away, although my heart is on my conscripted nephew and the inter-Korean relations ever since the North Korean attack of Yeonpyeong Island on Nov. 23. My nephew was summoned to his military base from a long-awaited vacation at home in Seoul shortly after the incident. While I wash citrons and remove water from their faces, my head is busy thinking political ifs.
Don’t cry for me, Sudan
When the boy was born as the ninth child of a poor yet pious couple in the port city of Busan in 1962, no one knew what he would do for his fellow human beings later.
Kimchi fear
It was weeks before Chuseok when I made the last batch of cabbage kimchi. I bought an average-size cabbage for 2,500 won and a radish for 1,000 won then. A couple of days to Chuseok, I went to a supermarket with the hope of making some fresh ``baechu” kimchi. A head of Korean cabbage was priced 6,000 won. I didn’t buy it because I thought prices would go down once the holidays were over.
Tilting the jar, spilling the moon
Dear Mr. Miyazaki, how are you doing? Have you done some reading of the sijo poems I sent to you? We Koreans usually have the best time to ``spill the moon by tilting the jar” on and around Chuseok, the Autumnal Full Moon Day, but the moon was hidden or washed away by an unprecedented torrential rain on this year’s Chuseok that fell on Wednesday.
Tale of three fathers
There are at least two good fathers in the world ― former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former Korean Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Yu Myung-hwan.