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Tue, September 26, 2023 | 17:38
Tattoos still taboo in Korea
Police raided an international tattoo convention in Seoul at the weekend to make it clear to everyone that tattooing is illegal in Korea.
Kim Jong-un becomes NK's fish-feeding mother
Kim Jong-un is North Korea’s “Mother,” who feeds his people fish out of love, the country’s mouthpiece newspaper Rodong Shinmun reports.
Group of U.S. lawmakers protest Japan's review of Kono Statement
A group of U.S. lawmakers on Friday protested Japan's review of a 1993 apology for its sexual enslavement of Korean women during World War II, saying it is "unacceptable" for Tokyo to suggest it remains unconfirmed the victims were coerced.
N. Korean economic growth slows in 2013
The North Korean economy is estimated to have grown at a slower pace last year from the previous year as its languid construction sector weighed on the economy, the central bank here said Friday.
Exhibition commemorates the 'King of Pop'
As fans around the world commemorate the fifth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death on June 25, 2009, an art gallery in Seoul is exhibiting works celebrating the life of the “King of Pop.”
'Monstrous' water creature invades Korean river
Hordes of a mysterious, monstrous-looking freshwater creature have appeared in the Youngsan River, raising concerns over deteriorating water conditions.
Wartime lunch for high school students
A Seoul high school fed each of its students a single baked potato for lunch on Wednesday as part of its “live history education” on the Korean War (1950-53). The cafeteria dubbed the menu as “Zero Calorie.”
Remember “0416”
The 74 students of Ansan’s Danwon High School who survived the sinking of the Sewol ferry in April returned to school on Wednesday, 71 days after the tragic accident that killed more than 300 people.
Korea gets graphic in anti-smoking battle
Korea launched a hard-hitting advertisement campaign aimed at shocking smokers to kick their habit.
Double-decker buses to be introduced next year
Double-decker buses, popular in Britain, Hong Kong and many other countries, are expected to begin operating between Seoul and Gyeonggi Province from next year.