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Thu, September 28, 2023 | 03:40
Psy to turn into Hyuna at year-end concert
Korean global star Psy will perform as “Gangnam Style” heroine Hyuna at his year-end concert.
Mother tries to eat her baby
A mother tried to eat her baby a few days after he was born, The Mirror reports.
Court offers bashed woman a new face
A Turkish woman who was a continuing victim of domestic violence has been given a new identity, complete with plastic surgery to change her appearance, the BBC reports.
'Lettuce bikini' women make their vegan point
Two women wearing lettuce-covered bikinis showed up on the streets of Washington D.C. on Monday to promote vegetarianism.
Two arrested for cutting electric wire from poles
Two men were arrested on Tuesday for illegally stealing 9.1 kilometers of wiring from electric poles, Munhwa Ilbo reports.
Pretend woman charged with defrauding 'boyfriends'
Police have arrested a man who pretended to be a woman and then allegedly tricked her online “boyfriends” into sending money,” Yonhap news reports.
Olive Young's misogynistic ad
Posted on the windows of stores of CJ’s Olive Young cosmetics chain is an ad containing the likeness of male model and actor Kim Woo-bin with the caption saying: “Because you need to be more beautiful.”
Grumpy gorilla throws rock at visitors
A grumpy gorilla has been filmed throwing a rock at visitors at the Berlin Zoo.
'Bad mood' teen smashes 21 cars
A Busan teenager has been charged with property damage after attacking 21 cars, and breaking into a supermarket to steal cigarettes, Munhwa Ilbo reports.
Dog on tracks delays morning trains
A dog on the tracks delayed trains on Seoul’s subway line 2 for about 15 minutes on Monday morning.