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Thu, August 11, 2022 | 14:06
Chinese premier's family says no hidden wealth exists
The family members of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said they do not have any hidden wealth, refuting last week's news report on their controversial wealth accumulation, a statement showed Sunday.
Korea's economy could suffer minus growth in near future: experts
Korea's economy could fall into a minus growth in the months to come as the country is faced with slumping exports and weakening domestic demand amid heightened market prospects, experts said Sunday.
Korea needs 10 more years to achieve $30,000 income
South Korea might need 10 more years to see its per-capita income exceed US$30,000 as an elongated low growth trend and other economic structural problems are dimming the overall outlooks, a private think tank said Sunday.
Anti-Dokdo stake found at South Korean consulate in New York
Another act of vandalism hit South Korea's consulate general in New York after two similar cases claiming Japan's ownership of the South Korean islets of Dokdo affected the diplomatic mission and a South Korean monument in New Jersey, consulate officials said Saturday.
Makgeolli exports to Japan plunge amid chilled diplomatic relations
Exports of South Korea's traditional alcoholic beverage "makgeolli" to Japan dropped sharply during the first nine months of this year, apparently affected by chilled relations between the two countries, customs data showed Sunday.
S. Korea moves to upgrade Patriot defense system
The South Korean military's Patriot Advanced Capability-2 (PAC-2) system has a success rate of less than 40 percent in intercepting ballistic missiles, government sources said Sunday.
Korea renames peaks of Dokdo to symbolize sovereignty
Korea said Sunday that it has selected new official names for peaks on Dokdo, a group of its easternmost islets in the East Sea, in an apparent bid to better symbolize its sovereignty over the territory frequently claimed by its neighbor Japan.
N. Korean defector arrivals fall to 7-year low
The annual number of North Koreans defecting to the South is expected to hit the lowest level in seven years this year due to the communist country's tightened border control under its new leadership, Seoul's Unification Ministry said Sunday.
Korea to log 20 tril. won in fiscal deficit annually until 2016
Korea will post about 20 trillion won (US$18.2 billion) in fiscal deficit every year until 2016, a parliamentary office said Sunday, casting doubt over the government's push to achieve a balanced budget in a couple of years.
Rocket launch expected in mid-November at earliest
Korea is likely to make its third attempt to launch its first-ever space rocket in mid-November at the earliest after being forced to postpone it hours before liftoff due to a technical glitch, officials said Saturday.
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