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Fri, September 29, 2023 | 13:33
Mom bites off pit bull's ear to save daughter
Mike Tyson has got nothing on this heroic mom. Chelsi Camp saved her 2-year-old daughter from a ruthless pit bull attack by biting the dog's ear off, the New York Daily News reports.
Brazilians demand legal marijuana
Brazilian police say about 2,000 people have gathered in downtown Sao Paulo in a demonstration demanding the legalization of the production and sale of marijuana in Latin America's largest country, local media reported.
1849 $10 Mormon gold coin sells for $705,000
A $10 Mormon gold coin fetched $705,000, and a $20 Mormon gold coin sold for $558,000 at auction this week, Salt Lake City media sources reported Saturday.
Teen's dead body discarded on street after Colombia 'tribal ritual'
A teenager from Bristol in Britain has died in Colombia while apparently taking part in a tribal ritual, BBC reported Saturday.
Small gesture proves humanity still alive
Maybe it was not anything much but a Muslim youth riding on a bus in British Columbia in Canada took off his shoes and handed it to a white man who was barefooted.
Diet turns 146kg boy into Beckham
A 23-stone man who lost half his body weight has been offered a new career - as a David Beckham lookalike - the Mirror reports.
35% of Mexicans don't read single in entire lifetime
People say reading s good for the soul but this is apparently not a belief among Mexicans, 35 percent of whom don’t read single in entire lifetime.
World's luckiest man win same lottery 3 times in 3 weeks
What’s the chance of winning the lottery? What’s the chance of winning it three times in three weeks? Chicago resident Christopher Kaelin has proved Lady Luck truly is on his side after winning a hat-trick on the same lotto game - netting a total of $276,000.
Woman peddles heroin in intensive care
Lori Sullenberger allegedly wasn't going to let anything get in the way of her drug dealing - not even a stay in intensive care - USA Today reports.
Man gets 30 years for disabling 2-month-old son
A man in Georgia has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for beating and disabling his own 2-month-old son, local media said Tuesday.
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