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Thu, November 30, 2023 | 17:02
[Weekender] Restoring classics
Moviegoers today are accustomed to glossy, high-definition images that indiscriminately reveal slight skin blemishes of actors known for flawless complexions. ...
Korean indie films beckon fans
Local independent cinema has not seen many blockbuster hits like 2009’s “Old Partner” lately but smaller films have slowly yet surely been receiving wider exposure. This month sees a particularly strong lineup of low-budget movies in theaters across the country, including international film fest-verified pictures.
Woo named new head of KOCIS
Woo Jin-young, 53, has been appointed as the new director of Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS), the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced last week.
’Queen’ brings zesty humor, touching drama
A woman dares lead a double life pulling off Madonna-esque performances onstage when she’s not being the pearl necklaces, white gloves-wearing type avidly supporting her husband’s Seoul mayoral candidacy. While “Dancing Queen” starts off from a ridiculously cheesy premise, director Lee Seok-hoon crafts a surprisingly feel-good movie that hits all the right notes.
Girls’ Generation named best dressed in Japan
K-pop group Girls’ Generation Wednesday won a best-dressed award at a Japanese jewelry exhibition.
Song reprises detective role in ‘Howling’
Song Kang-ho will return with “Howling” as a detective, one of his signature roles that marked his breakthrough in Bong Joon-ho’s “Memories of Murder.” The actor says that he has brought a more mature characterization to the upcoming film.
Buddhist monk running 500 km for charity in Vietnam
A Buddhist monk has initiated a charity marathon relay to build facilities in Vietnam.
Big-budget films to open in 2012
While 2011 saw the release of some novel, genre-defying works, not many local films aside from “Sunny” and “War of the Arrows” (a.k.a. “Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon”) managed to draw crowds at the box office.
SAC ignites fine arts ’hallyu’ via ballet
Many arts and culture experts point out how narrow-sighted it is to think that K-pop and TV dramas are all there is to “hallyu” (Korean wave) content, and an arts center is stepping forward to explore the possibilities of fine art genres such as dance.
’Radio’: mediocre drama out of sync
With seasoned radio producer Lee Jae-ik and “Singles” filmmaker Kwon Chil-in teaming up for a rom-com set at a radio studio, “Wonderful Radio” seems to have all the right ingredients for a feel-good jukebox movie. On top of that it includes a star-studded cast and cameos by some of the biggest icons in the local music industry.
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