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Sat, August 20, 2022 | 10:50
Seowon nurtured scholars in Joseon era
Today Korean education is experiencing a grave chaos. Ever since Korea opened its ports for foreign trade, education has been favorably viewed as one of the most important driving forces behind the national development and successful modernization of the nation.
Archival culture in Joseon's royal protocols
Similar to a modern-day white paper,Uigwe of the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910) is a collection of royal protocols that records procedures of the royal ceremonies and rites in entirety from preparation to rewarding of persons of merit. Although the volumes compiled before the Imjin War did not survive, the extant Uigwe collection captures procedural processes of the ceremonies an...
Reading Joseon's petition letters
A day in October 1557, Jeong Jo-yi, a concubine of the late Son Gwang-suh who lived in Yangdong(良洞) Village of Gyeongju was anxious to death ecause she was about to lose the farmland inherited from her late husband. She had petitioned the government office twice but it was yet to be resolved.
Dream interpretation in 19th-century Korea
Not many cultures place so much significance on the meaning of dreams as in Korean culture. Lucky dreams can make anyone excited about good fortunes to come his or her way, whereas qualms and uneasy feelings caused by ominous dreams make one guard himself or herself and be careful in speech and conduct. From ancient times, Koreans have preferred dreams featuring dragon, tiger...