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Thu, December 7, 2023 | 09:59
K-pop girl group SECRET NUMBER reveal true feelings for each other
On our POPKORN channel's PICKTOK segment, K-pop group members listen to questions and write down the first thought or person that comes to their mind. Which group member seemed to be the scariest when you met them for the first time? Girls, which member would you date if you were a guy?! Check out the video and see what the members of SECRET MEMBER truly think about each othe...
Do Koreans think 'Squid Game' resembles Korean society?
Squid Game has become the biggest series launch in the history of Netflix, drawing views from over 110 million subscribed members as of October 12th. Being certified fresh on, it has become the number 1 show on Netflix in the United States and has been met with critical acclaim.
Are we related? Intriguing Korea vs Tamil Nadu similarities
There is a word spoken in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu that is also used in Korea, despite being 5,000 kilometers apart from one another. How did India and Korea come to share a word that is pronounced identically and has the same meaning?
Waste facility hidden from plain sight: Union Park
The average Korean generates a little over 1 kilogram of solid waste each day. Multiply that by Korea’s entire population, and that equates to nearly 56,000 tons of waste being disposed of in just a single day. Now the questions is… where does it all go?
'Mom, I'm sorry, I'm a failure': Exam pressure destroying young Koreans
Korea is home to the highest suicide rate among OECD member states, with an average of 38 people choosing to end their own lives on a daily basis. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing number of Koreans are reported to be struggling with suicidal thoughts, especially young people in their twenties.
Millennials guessing Gen Z words
We often get confused when we hear social media slang words and abbreviations that young people use but day by day social media acronyms are becoming more normal. It does not mean you've lost your cool if you aren’t sure what Gen Zs are saying, but knowing the meaning behind those social media abbreviations will be helpful to understand the unique culture of the younger gener...
Tasting Koreans' favorite non-alcoholic beverages [VIDEO]
Did you know that drinking non-alcoholic beverages is a growing trend among young Koreans? It seems like young Koreans are trying to pursue a healthier lifestyle during Covid-19, so we also brought some of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages to find out how they taste like.
Korean traditional liquor cocktails that will amaze you [VIDEO]
'Jangseng Healthy Bar' located in the Yeongdong traditional market, south of Seoul, is one of the most popular bars in Korea where young Koreans visit to drink special Korean cocktails and take out their phones take pictures of their beautiful cocktail specialties.