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Sun, December 10, 2023 | 15:45
Future Korean leaders
I want to share a few thoughts about future Korean leaders. I hope readers will think of this column as insights less than recommendations. I'm an observer of Korean politics, society, and culture, and a student of American foreign policy. My comments address the future of Korean leadership.
Why Korea matters to me
In this time of a COVID-19 pandemic, I've tried to preserve my equilibrium by calling to mind my blessings. This experience teaches me anew that humanity tries but doesn't fully control nature. It shows me how precious and fragile is the bond of life. It teaches me also how our world has grown interdependent. It calls us to work as a family of nations. Kant spoke about this i...
Turtle thinking
An early memory of visiting Korea is images of turtles I saw in various places such as palaces and temples.
A professor to remember
Through this column, in the thanksgiving season of the Chuseok festival, I write a tribute to my senior colleague and friend, Park Eung-kyuk. In doing so, I wish to celebrate his commitment to democracy and local government in Korea. Professor Park’s legacy of teaching and research as an academic professional and his love of international humanity are shining examples of acco...
Sunset for the Internet cafe
Present-day advanced society relies on a ubiquity of information. Korea has advantages in achieving information literacy because of its size. It's easier to spread Internet technology across the country. With many powerhouse corporations providing the means, Korean citizens can talk and send texts and emails with ideal convenience.
'Korea's Face at the DMZ'
This past week, the two Koreas stepped back from the brink . Perhaps in retrospect it amounted to just another brink along the road to eventual unification. President Park receives tributes for firmness in the face of North Korean threats. South Korean diplomats receive praise for achieving some apology from the self-righteous Pyongyang regime.